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Posted: 3/5/2011 5:48:04 AM EDT
Hello Everyone,

I have a Sig 522 which utilizes BDM magazines and they just will not work.  I have 6 different magazines, 2 from Palmetto State, and 4 from sig (2 came with gun, 2 purchased a few weeks ago through them). None of these magazines work, all sharing the same problem.
Loading the magazines is hit or miss on how smooth it will be, sometimes they load smooth and easily with loader, and other times they hang every 3 or 4 rounds where I have to push real hard to make the next round go in (appears to be the rounds hanging).  

However this is not the big problem, and I could live with that.  The real problem is the rounds/follower is sticking going up.  Sometimes they will work ok for a whole magazine, but usually not.  Either A. the folllower won't push the rounds up enough, so they sit just below the top of the feed lip causing feeding problems. B. The rounds/follower just plain get hung allowing multiple rounds to just fall out when turned over and requiring to be hit a few times to get the magazine working again.

I have loaded/unloaded the magazines probably atleast 10 times each, and shot probably 300 rounds between them (would love to shoot more, but having to drop the magazine every 3 shots and fix it makes me not even shoot my Sig 522).  The magazines have been taken apart and cleaned, and 2 have been oiled heavily (as in oil pouring out of them), 2 oiled very lightly, and 2 not oiled at all). At first I thought maybe this was a gun problem, but that would not explain the rounds getting stuck halfway in the magazine, and I can recreate the problem easily with the magazines out of the gun.

I realize the magazines are warrantied, but seeing as how I have 6 magazines from 3 different purchases, and 2 different places I somehow think this isn't just an issue with some bad mags?

I created a video to show what I am talking about, excuse the background, basement is currently being remodeled.


Link Posted: 3/5/2011 6:43:35 AM EDT
Could be the ammo is out of spec, maybe too long causing it to hang things up?  I would email black dog and get them to view your video and see what they feel is the problem.  My mags in my 522 have been 100% and they are filthy, but still no problems.
Link Posted: 3/5/2011 6:47:48 AM EDT
Are you using Remington rounds?
Link Posted: 3/5/2011 6:53:59 AM EDT
Sorry forgot to put that I am using CCI Minimag ammunition (both FMJ and HP), and have also tried loading mag with some winchester wildcat and federal bulk pack, all with the same results.

I will send BDM an email and see if I get a reply, last two times I haven't.
Link Posted: 3/5/2011 12:18:14 PM EDT
I had some vintage Remington "Mohawk" ammo that caused magazines in my old TEC-22 to stick.  The bullets seemed to have some sort of waxy coating that built up and started to gum up inside.   It was a pain to clean because those magazines do not disassemble.  But other brands of ammo didn't cause that problem.   Too bad your magazines are still doing it with different brands of ammo.  

The video clearly shows what you're trying to describe.  When companies know you are going/have gone public with a problem, I've noticed they are usually more willing to help you.  So when you contact them, politely let them know its already on AR15.com and YouTube.    (Hint-  Next time you make a video, hold the item closer to or under a light.   That lamp in the back would have been perfect).  

Keep us updated!
Link Posted: 3/5/2011 1:41:44 PM EDT
I emailed them the other day about getting some bolt hold open followers for some of the old mags they made that did not have them. I got a reply in a day and ended up talking to a nice lady on the phone that took care of me.  Give them a chance to take care of you.
Link Posted: 3/5/2011 5:09:41 PM EDT
Take the followers out and check them for burrs. Remove burrs with nail file. Good vid. BDM should make it right. Good people.
Link Posted: 3/7/2011 6:47:59 PM EDT
Well still no reply, guess I'll give them a call now, sent email on the 5th around 10AM.
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 2:52:40 PM EDT
BDM are great people, and will make it right! They are local to me, and treated me like a VIP last will call order I picked up! That being said, I have the same problem. But it will only happen if I don't keep the mags spotless! I mean clean every range trip, or few hundred rounds. Focus on the inside feedlip area! Clean with a nitro solvent, and remove all residue. Some might be hidden, but can still cause problems! I never oil my mags. Ever! As plastic mags are pretty much self lubricating!
Link Posted: 3/12/2011 6:44:42 PM EDT
that is some strange shit. i have four of there mags for my 522 and the gun and mags run like a  fine pocket watch.
Link Posted: 3/14/2011 4:55:22 AM EDT
Never cleaned any of mine. In fact I modified my followers and mag bodies to take some speaker wire that I use to hold my follower down for easier loading.

No problems with any single one of them.
Link Posted: 3/14/2011 6:30:37 AM EDT
Update Time:

So after spending about 45 minutes-1hr on each magazine sanding from 100grit to 1000 grit I have appeared to smooth them out enough to work hopefully, though I'll have to shoot a few loads through each magazine to be satisfied.  Definetly alot of work to get them working.  I still notice one of the magazines isn't molded very well and is actually cracked through a screw hole.  

I did NOT find any bad burs or imperfections, and running your hand over the magazine internals all seemed fine before any work was done, but apparently even the slightest imperfection makes these magazines not work??  I don't really understand why NONE of my magazines worked without heavy sanding and there are soo many who have never had a problem.

I did finally recieve a reply from BDM and they were willing to have me ship them to them and either replace them or refund my money which was nice, I just didn't feel like paying shipping to send them there and end up having more of the same, so I attempted the sanding instead.

I also purchased a BDM drum mag and don't seem to have those problems with it, though I must say its even harder to load IMO than the 25rnd regular mags (especially since the easy loader won't work on it). But oh well, if it works reliably I'll be happy.

After running the rounds through the mags by hand I decided to put them in the gun and cycle them on safe (yes I know this can be a very hazardous thing to do introducing live rounds into a gun, but I don't feel like driving an hour to the range to have it again not work) to see if they would feed, extract, etc.  2 of the magazines had problems which I then had to take apart, resand, and put together. They all seem to work for the most part now.

However in doing so I really paid attention to the magwell slop and it worries me that its movement will induce problems of its own as sometimes the round seemed to not line up with the barrel breech when cycling.  Does anyone else have this problem??

Another Short Video
Link Posted: 3/14/2011 11:32:56 AM EDT
My 522 has some magwell slop, no feeding issues though.
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