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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/12/2003 6:11:15 PM EDT
I got a new Blackhawk Omega 1 today (sorry Brad there was a good deal at Gall's). Well I've got a problem, I'm trying to move all my old LCE SAW/M249 pouches over for extra gear stowage, my canteens beacuse I like, but don't trust my Camelbak and trying to get rid of my buttpack. Yeah I can put them on but I'm gonna go with a drop leg rig for my sidearm so the right side is out for anything. I'm trying not to mount anything on the back because I always hated (in ARMY) not being able to sit in a vehicle comfortably (wah, wah) but I never agreed with not being able to be flush against a wall (bullets follow walls though). In the front affects my abilty to squat. I have too much stuff I'm sure but I'm from the school of, your ruck is the 1st thing you ditch so all those little "gotta have" things are to be on you or your LCE/vest. These days my gear is on SHTF duty because it serves little other purpose so my new light weight highly monverable "assault" vest must double as an LBE/LCE but I don't want to take away from the vest. What do ya'll think.


Link Posted: 8/12/2003 6:48:21 PM EDT
Can you wear a pack comfortably with that vest? Looks like the pouch might interfere.
Link Posted: 8/12/2003 7:05:11 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By innocent_bystander:
Can you wear a pack comfortably with that vest? Looks like the pouch might interfere.

Short awnser, no. I personally have never been comfortable wearing a pack with any vest or LCE, it spreads the straps of a pack to wide and pushes it under the arms. However that has never stoped me from wearing one. The more I look at my gear the more I think I'm gonna buy a MULE or HAWG, some of this stuff I forgot I had and is not needed here in Florida 11 out of 12 months.



EDI­T: My bad I see what you mean now the little one up top, right? Mmmmmmmm.... yes and no, not anymore than a knife or compass pouch would on an LCE, for me the straps of a ruck always get pushed out to the sides.

Link Posted: 8/13/2003 5:46:12 PM EDT
There are a few things you can do. I don't attach the belt to my setup. I have a few essentials such as pistol mags, sidearm, knife, utility pouch, and a rifle mag on the belt. I've got the vest with other items, a small canteen in an inside pocket, and camelback capability. I've also got a civvy MULE and military HAWG for other uses, and these are the perfect solution for the buttpack arguements everyone has. I can take it off when needed to go into a vehicle. The vest itself has some flexibility if you care to do mods or be creative. A pouch with belt loops can be woven or fastened in through the lacing for a good utility pouch spot. The laces can be removed or kept and three pieces of nylon webbing can be sewn with a slider buckle for adjustment and pouches can also be clipped or woven to this. I have a small night vision pouch attached to my vest that I use frequently in that way. Lightfighter's board as well as Assaultweb's gear section have posts on mods or different suggestions that poeple have mentioned if you have the time to peruse.
Link Posted: 8/14/2003 7:48:40 AM EDT
I still use a modified GI LBV.
This is my "PLA parachutes in the sky"(SHTF) rig,I like to train with it occasionally,but mostly use a low profile rig.
I got posts of my mods at geardo.com forums and would be happy to answer questions here about them.
I have a lightweight and heavy setup.The lightweight setup is a shorty (sheet plastic) ALICE frame with a med bag.I can wear this with my buttpack mounted on the LBV.
I have tried to lose the buttpack for a long time,it boils down to more of a weight than bulk issue(my BP is @ 20 lbs. loaded....lots of lead and metal and 4 qts.h2O).I just adapted my rig with fastex and straps that hang the buttpack that are independent of the lbv straps.I setup my belt with fastex hangers so I can move my buttpack to either side for readier access(hangs over protectve mask on leg).
I also carry a CFP style assault pack on top of the alice with a 'sustainment load' and plenty of empty space to quickly stash things.
If I drop the alice frame,I still have my buttpack,and if I 'need' shelter or sustainment,I grab the CFP assaultpack.
My heavy rig is a modified(old school)Jansport frame.On the frame I hook the med. Alice rig on top,a partially loaded cfp-90 under,and wear my buttpack fastexed to the frame.
I've used this heavy setup while 'prospecting' being able to split my loads and stash units without alot of re-packing.

My battle rig/packs are worn over armor,with my pack worn over LBV.I know what you mean about poorfitting ruck straps,if I need padding it will be the armor(enhanced with sorbothane pads) that supplies it,and I built straps with removable padding for both my lbv and ruckstraps to make wearing that stuff more comfortable for me.
Padding is important,the shoulders can take a worse beating than the feet from a heavy load,but at the distance the pack straps are from skin and muscle with a combat load,pack straps become more of a weight distribution tool than shock absorbing,IMO.

I set up(modded) a BHI eod vest as a tac-medic rig, now worn without a belt,I've used it under a pack alot and the mesh is most comfortable.With a pistolbelt mounted it can carry quite a load.

I've been spending my gear money on armor,trying to make my old shooting gear work.So far`I've been able to adapt what I have and set it up so I can train,and will gradually upgrade my rig piece by piece,starting with a holster.

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