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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/14/2002 3:50:08 AM EST
Which one would you use ?
Just how quiet are they ?
Link Posted: 7/14/2002 4:24:08 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/14/2002 4:25:27 AM EST by Ponyboy]
Gemtech M4-96D.

32+ dB of suppression. (You AR would roughly sound like a .22 LR with the suppressor attached.
Link Posted: 7/14/2002 4:46:54 AM EST
suppressors & barrel extensions are really laffable at our range, the rangemaster has started a collection of barrel add-ons that have come off during fireing, some have real cute designs created by high pressure & bullet impact.......
Link Posted: 7/14/2002 7:41:46 AM EST
You should ask MOJO about suppressers for the ar15. I hear he has a little experience in using one.

Link Posted: 7/14/2002 2:33:48 PM EST
My dealer will be ordering a AAC Ranger for me on Monday. I hope I will be happy with it. I have fired a Tac Ord quick detatch on a 11 1/2" M16 in semi and full, I hope the Ranger will be much quieter on my 16" Colt.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 9:18:36 AM EST
I put my order in for a black AAC Ranger on the 15 and it should be in my dealers hands mid August.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 9:19:59 AM EST
What paperwork is required?

How much are these?

Link Posted: 7/26/2002 9:28:02 AM EST

Originally Posted By CANADIAN_TACTICAL:

The B&T SOPS M4QD suppressors...
four were procured as well as one for a Sig 551.

The first to fail was the SIG the metal on the locking collar gave (after 5rds fired).

As for the M4 ones - One failed after 27 rds - the internals shook - and upon disassembly on of the baffles had crushed. (not good)

The second failure was noticed at round 120 - same thing - baffle crush.

The third failure was rather exciting near ound 240 and it exploded - sendign metal fragments 20-30ft some of these were 1"x5" in size - and one of members was cut by the debris.

The fourth can failed somewhere around rd 300 (baffel crush).

It was determined that the third failure was caused by the baffel crush letting of the the very intricate baffel to come out of alignment and have a round rip threw it.

Since then (and some other annoying actions by B&T) we have suspended use of their soudn suppressors.

The only suppressor which did not fail was a .40S&W MP-5 can which went out to a LE Dept - they were advised of the issues with the other cans.

* Note none of the cans were fired fully automatic - and some of the rounds were .22LR as well.

This thread talked about the Oly Firsh, but got side tracked to the B&T suppressor. very interesting.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 11:17:02 AM EST
Just got a Triple-X and a Bowers "MOUT". The Triple-X works well for an average price can, shot on 7.5" and 11.5". Currently resides on the 7.5". The MOUT is 1" diameter, 6" long, all stainless (similar to the CAC-22)...Fired it on the 11.5" with 3131A, it is more of a moderator than a suppressor--projects a loud boom to the front, and a large fireball a foot or so out off end of can. Shot 52gr Hornadys with 748, fire not as noticable. I think the MOUT is going on the 10/22.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 11:22:50 AM EST

Like TxLewis said, I have very little experience on suppressors (or cans) for AR15/M16 series, and here is what I know or have experiences with, and anyone has experience with other cans can chime in:

I have Tac-Ord suppressor for my M4. Since it's rifle caliber, it suppresses some amount and you still can hear the crack of the round.
Like Ponyboy said like .22LR, and there's no need for the ear plug. Some of the guys at ETH's farm shot it and I think they love it.
I think all .223 cans will vary some, as far as the noise reduction is concerned, but sometimes it is hard to tell, IMO.
I like to full-auto (FA) on my can, but I usually go in burst for 30 rds and stop and let it cool down. By this time, the can is started to heat up and the smoke/gas starts to find ways to get out ( "temperature can range between 600 degree F to 1,400 degree F after a lot of full auto fire" ) I know there are shooters going full auto for several mags or a whole C-mag, and have no problem with their can, but I don't want to risk it.
There is a great article in "Special Weapons for Military and Police" Fall 2002 discussing a newest suppressor, KAC M4QD. Basically, it states several points:
--To shot semi to maximize the service life of the can (about 5,000 rds).
--Burst only in case of emergencies.
--Full auto up to 90 rounds and let it cool off.
--Maximum, this KAC M4QD can handle 210 FA without any problem ( I guess, they mean its internal and external structure).

I personally like cans for subguns or pistols because you're really appreciated the level of noise suppressing, and the cans are lighter and/or smaller.


Link Posted: 7/26/2002 11:42:14 AM EST
I have a Gemtech M4-96D and the paperwork just came back on my XXX can. The Gemtech is nice because of the easy on,off with the bilock. The xxx can I'll use for my 22lr upper.

Btw, the Gemtech sounds like a high power 22lr when fired. You can shoot without ear protection but It is loud then. I still use ear muffs, unless I'm shooting my supressed 10/22.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 1:45:35 PM EST
Anyone know the average life of a supressor? Full auto life/semi-auto life....with average usage?

Just curious.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 2:22:27 PM EST
I read the review of the M4QD suppressor. A lot of military testing and evaluation was done with it as well as head to head testing against other suppressors for use on the M4A1 and the M4QD by KAC was selected. They have over 4,000 units in sevice right now, and they claim the suppressor will last as long as the barrel at the rate of 15 rounds per minute. The sound reduction for a 20" barreled M16 was 30 decibles, and even higher for the 14.5" M4 carbine at 32 decibels.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 3:16:51 PM EST
A coworker of mine (who I just introduced to ARs back in November) just got an AAC M4-2000 that he's running on a 20" fluted Bushy HBAR. It's very effective, no hearing protection needed. That's about all I ask from a centerfire rifle can, and it is rated for auto fire.

Link Posted: 7/26/2002 3:24:06 PM EST
Heard the MC was having some problems with the Knight. OPS INC. is in service and cooking right along. Mil/LE only item though.

Pat Rogers may have some insight here.

Brian K. Sain
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 3:51:22 PM EST
Do any of you know if the BiLock, as used on the Gemtech M4-96D, when permanently installed on an M4 14.5 inch barrel, gives the barrel an overall length of 16 inches or more? I was thinking that this set up would be very nice instead of a Vortex or Phantom on my Semi.
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 4:04:14 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/26/2002 4:25:21 PM EST
The Dr. use a "Laser" .... sorry got Austin Powers movies stuck in my head.

Thanks for the info. So how did it turn out? Is this a sold unit? Any play or loosening up when fired ect.?

I have only seen what is on the Gemtech web page. Do you have any pics of this set up? If so please post or e-mail them to me. I am looking very hard at this set up but do not have the $$ to blow on it if it is not what I think it is.

Thanks again for the fast reply.

Link Posted: 7/27/2002 10:19:50 AM EST
Coastal is good.....
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 5:31:41 AM EST
Troy, how much was that set up? to have the bi-lock pinned and laser welded???
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 5:58:43 AM EST

Originally Posted By M4:
Anyone know the average life of a supressor? Full auto life/semi-auto life....with average usage?

Just curious.

As long as you don't abuse it, it should last forever. They are actually pretty simple devices.
Link Posted: 7/29/2002 7:42:09 AM EST
I use a Gemtech M4-96D. Easy on easy off and for a 223 can, it is pretty darn quiet. Previous remarks about it being as loud as a 22LR HV is about right. I'd still want to wear ears.

I guess to get it really quiet, I'd need to shoot subsonic. But then I might as well be shooting my Norrell-STW 10/22.

Suppressed full auto is kinda neat. Cyclic rate goes way up. Can gets hot enough to ignite paper.
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 12:48:44 AM EST

Originally Posted By Ponyboy:
As long as you don't abuse it, it should last forever. They are actually pretty simple devices.

This is not true - there is a lifespan, just like there is or barrels. There is a lifetime an most supersonic rounds as the pressure wave wears on the metal over time. As times goes on the baffles will possible crack, bulge or have other failures and then baffle strikes occur.

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