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Posted: 2/14/2013 6:22:50 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 2/14/2013 6:25:03 PM EDT by Scorpius]
So i get a dillon trimmer off EE the other day plus the .223 die. Well it all came today. I look at it, barely used, brushes look AWESOME (for those mechancially curious types like me that actually check those things) :-)

The die, eh...a little rust from near the middle section on the threads that go into the press. Nothing my wire wheel on my grinder couldnt take off.

So i must say, i was worried about the sizer die...zero issue, like any other sizer die. On the LNL just go ahead and run it to the plate, go another 1/8th turn and you should be within a hair of your target setback. for me 1.454.

Sized 10 random in a row, all dead on for me. Now lock it down tight with the hornady rings.

unfortunately they made the top of the die smaller for the motor mount and not the same as the press mount threads...sigh...so i had to use THEIR nut that has no lock on it, but oh well. thread it down first, mount motor adjust until you get to

where you are, tighten bolt, check again..pfttt yea it's not as easy to dial it right in on target so i said 1.749 is good enough. won't sweat over that, otherwise i was getting 1.752 when i tried to get to the 1.750 :-)

Now i'm not really understanding some of the issues i've read that people mentioned. And it quite frankly nearly put me off on getting this...I find zero issues with turning on the motor and having to hold it. If you lock both the bottom thread and

pressure lock the upper to the motor i get zero movement. The shroud fits perfect, no need to trim it. The adjustment window is big enough and granted the lower portion hidden in the die some, but by this time you should have a known over

length brass fully seated in the die and just run the motor down until it touches. THEN start moving down in 1/8th turns of the motor.

So what i'm seeing here is that I can decap with the lee straight from the range, run through the trimmer, then last station throw in the normal resizing die to get the throat only. Gotta lube the shells and about every 5th throat and you'll maintain sizes. I'm seeing consistent sizes for headspace AND length. I measured my first 20, then ran 20, measured 10....now, just run and check when the red box is half full and again at full by random selection of a few shells and the last one processed.

The other thing also is that if i don't see shiny brass edges...i simply pull them during the run because i know it's under 1.75 (or in my case 1.749) Then i can load them seperately if needed for roll crimps. or without crimps.

Now all that's left is to wet tumble these bad boys, then its load time!!!

I'm really seriously considering canceling the order for my Giraud. As this seems effective and more efficient! (Though it is noisy ONLY because of the shop vac...the actual trimmer itself is not loud at all)

OH...and for those that trim, dump and load...FYI you WILL get trimmings of brass down in the cartridge on occasion. It typically seems to happen on longer lengths, but it does happen. I'm sure that effects something having FOD in there.
Link Posted: 2/17/2013 7:20:24 AM EDT
The Dillon Trimmer is a wonderful thing! Are you using a Dillon or a Lee press? I moved the lower lock ring for the die to under the toolhead. By doing that it almost doubles the space for the shavings to be sucked out. I dont think shavings are an issue being inside the case because you are wet tumbling. I wet tumble as well and I havent seen any shavings fall out after they are dried.
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