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Posted: 7/30/2002 11:36:45 AM EDT
has anybody heard of this company, and what brand do they make. thanks Bluemax109
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 11:48:10 AM EDT
they make American Brand Ammunition. Real cheap stuff but I've never shot it. Have some for my .45 cause it was selling cheap. Will shoot it at some point.

Link Posted: 7/30/2002 11:56:49 AM EDT
I've never tried it myself, but the consensus on rec.guns seems to be really soft brass, and jacket separations. Buyer Beware...

Not sure if they make other products aside from the blister-packed ammo with the blue label.
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 1:00:42 PM EDT
Try this, got to MSN or whoever for stock quotes. Type in AAMI where it ask's for the ticker symbol. You will find out everything the company.
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 3:22:29 PM EDT
Link Posted: 7/30/2002 3:38:14 PM EDT
A pox on anyone and everyone in their home who buys this shit.
This stuff is a blight on reloaders. Its notorious among 45acp guys for being shit. It will cycle on a Dillon but every piece of brass with the Amerc headstamp will not feed in a gun thats any tighter than Linda Lovelace.
Dont buy it and maybe they will go under or improve thier product. There are plenty of fine suppliers of ammo besides these crooks.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 5:53:54 AM EDT
That stuff is absolute junk and dangerous too if you ask me. I used it once, didn't even get through a whole box of it. never will use it again.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 6:37:53 AM EDT
The ammo is junk. In addition, the ammo is also appears to have a lower powder charge than other competitors ammo.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 6:43:36 AM EDT
I too have heard quite a few bad stories about their ammo. Everything from squibs to KB's all in the same box.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 7:13:42 AM EDT
I believe this has "AMERC" on the headstamp. I bought a case of this crap from the Sportsmans guide. Ya, it was cheap, a real "bargin."

The ammo/brass is out of spec. It caused my previously 100% reliable Colt 1991A1 to choke like a CPR dummy at a Heimlich convention. A Kimber stainless LE was even worse. I put 2 & 2 together when a friend's CQB wouldn't feed it.

The brass is also useless for reloading, due to being out of spec. Ask me how I know. Another one of my friends, a notorious range brass scrounger, was happy to take the new brass from me, despite my warning. Hehehheheh.

If you hate someone or just their firearm, present them with a box of this crap.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 6:55:08 PM EDT
Total crap, IMO. I had some in .45 that literally would not fit in the (loose) chamber of my Glock 21. Its better to dry fire at your basement wall than to shoot any American ammo.

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