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Posted: 3/30/2002 9:00:50 PM EDT
Who here has used Adventureline 20rd mags? What do you think of them? How is the finish, fit, function?

I've only used OKay, Center Industries, and Thermold mags in my AR's. My favorites are the OKay 30rd mags. They always fit perfect and function flawlessly in my AR's.

I would really appreciate any info on Adventure line mags from people who have used or owned them.

Link Posted: 3/30/2002 9:09:56 PM EDT
Good mags,whats not to like? I'll give a good home to all that anyone wants to send me. Hell,I'll even pay the shipping.Is that a sweet deal or what?
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 9:11:57 PM EDT
I have about 20 of them, and they perform better than my colt mags. I use about 3 for the range, and leave 2 boxes of 7 for collector value. NEVER have any problems with them
Link Posted: 3/30/2002 10:35:02 PM EDT
Hey thanks guys for the input. I was asking cause I'm gonna buy 10 for $120 from a friend of mine. They are NIW prebans and I thought it sounded like a pretty good deal. Guess I'll give him a call tomorrow.
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 12:59:38 AM EDT
You MAY find that they do not "drop free" like other USGI 20's. It is due to the thick finish from what I understand.

But for $12 NIW who cares


Link Posted: 3/31/2002 1:31:44 AM EDT
I have been using 5 of them to shoot highpower matches for ten years. I purchased them at a gun show. I went through about ten before I found 5 that would drop free. They are really good mags. The 5 that don't drop free, all work great, they just don't fall free. Good Luck!
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 4:48:59 AM EDT
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 5:03:01 AM EDT
I have about 20 of them that I picked up in 1995. They worked great in two Colt HBARs that I used to have, and they also function perfectly in the two Bushmasters and the preban OA that I have now.

My OA has a tight magazine well, tight enough that orlite magazines won't seat in place. Even so, all of my Adventureline magazines drop free from the weapon.

Definitely two thumbs up for the Adventureline magazines.
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 6:23:34 AM EDT
Biggame---where can I find them for 12 bucks NIW?
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 8:07:51 AM EDT

As stated above by NightHawk

I'm gonna buy 10 for $120 from a friend of mine. They are NIW prebans

I wish I know myself 8^)


Link Posted: 3/31/2002 8:12:45 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/31/2002 8:17:12 AM EDT by theprofessor]
Adventureline mags are fine. they are USGI. they function well, never had a problem I've had them for many years and thousand rounds.

Link Posted: 3/31/2002 8:46:29 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/31/2002 8:47:22 AM EDT by Kevin]
Link Posted: 3/31/2002 8:49:14 AM EDT
My buddy owes me a favor since I hired him where I work. Thats why he's giving me a good deal on the mags. He's the one that got me to buy my first AR15. He brought one to work one day and let me check it out. After that I just had to have one. Now I have 3, it gets addictive..LOL

And yes we take guns to work all the time. I'm a superviser for a welding company that is owned by my brother in law. Most everyone there is into guns so people are always bringing in their new toys to show them off.

Link Posted: 3/31/2002 11:35:21 AM EDT
NightHawk,, I'm a welder who got laid off from CSX railroad in Dec...your shop isn't in East TN is it....if so ,, you hiring??? All the adventure Line mags I have work fine too..I like the name too..
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 12:14:51 PM EDT
All of my 20's are AL and I haven't had any problem with the ones that I have used.
I have several of their 30's with the same news.
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