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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 2/19/2006 5:54:44 PM EDT
Okay, now that I’ve finally gotten around to writing a review, here’s what I think of Eggroll’s EGL MOJO Bag. Egg let me borrow it for a project I had to do for school, but he told me to keep it a while so that I could do an honest, unbiased review of it.

I found the MOJO to be a great little Go-To bag. It held everything I needed when I was using it. It rode very nicely when loaded up with books and/or guns and ammo. I used it several times to carry my Glock23 with me to various places, and no one ever even knew I was packing. I experimented with various pouch set-ups, and the way it is set-up in the pictures below is pretty much the way I liked it the most.

I always carried what I believe to be the essentials in it, and at all times. When I didn’t have my Glock23 in it (like at school), I always had that blue gun in it. Otherwise, the mags were always loaded, the canteen always full, and the survival/signal kit always loaded up. On top of always having the essentials in it, it also had more than enough room for my school stuff. Nothing ever shifted around in it and a few times I got complimented on the bag. I showed it to a few of my fellow students who were current/former military, and after I explained it to them and showed them various configurations of it, they really thought it was shit-hot. They would have loved to have something like this with them, esp one guy who was an Army Blackhawk crew chief.

I took it to the range a few times to see how it performed as a carry piece, and again, I was very impressed. It took a little getting used to, but after a few mags, drawing and mag changes weren’t all that difficult. They obviously weren’t as fast as drawing from a belt or a more natural position, but considering this isn’t a “speed” rig, but more of an “Oh S**T!!” bag, I felt it performed quite well. Rifle mag changes were also very easy after some getting used to. And I didn’t have any problems wearing the MOJO in conjunction with various chest rigs or packs.

The MOJO never seemed to shift around too much when I was using it. I don’t get any pictures of it, but there is a waist belt that really helped keep it secure when doing more vigorous movements. There is also a plate/soft armor pocket that I didn’t get a chance to try out since I didn’t have plates or soft armor that fit into it at the time. The plate pocket did work great as a folder pocket, though. ;)

Here is a pic of the MOJO closed up nice and tight.

Top flap open, revealing the map pocket and 2 outer pockets. One suggestion I offered to Eggroll was to line the map pocket with a VS-17 panel.

The 2 outer pockets opened up, each capable of holding quite a bit. I was able to stick MREs, canteens, Nalgenes, and various other large size items in these pockets without any problems. The lids are removable, so it is very easy to adjust them if needed. The inside of these pockets are completely lined with velcro, so you can add rifle mag pouches, pistol mag pouches, or even the pistol holster pictured below for an alternative to internal placement of said items.

Here is a pic of the inside of the MOJO. The entire inside is lined with velcro, making it a truly modular bag. I know some people are going to want PALS webbing on the inside, but in my opinion, it isn't necessary. PALS webbing would drive the cost up and not make it as modular as the velcro does. With velcro, you can configure the pouches a lot more freely then you could with PALS webbing.

Another open view, this time with some school books and folders in it, which helps to show the MOJO's size.

And another open view of the MOJO.

Here's an open view with just the top unzipped. This is how I often opened the MOJO. This way it wasn't ever obvious the I had a pistol in it, but the pistol, pistol mags, and rifle mags were still very accessible. It's hard to tell with this pic, but when I opened it up like this and was wearing it, you couldn't really see the pistol of mags because of the zipper flap. I turned the flap out in this pic for a better view of what was inside. With just the top unzipped, I could easily access my books, pens, etc, and no one would have any idea there a weapon was at my finger tips. If those fuckers only knew!!! :evil:

Overall, I was very impressed with the MOJO. Keep in mind, the MOJO I tested was the very first one Eggroll made, and a few things have changed on it, but those are improvements that make it that much more of a better bag. I gave Egg a few suggestions that me might want to consider as options when offering these in the future, though I don’t know if he has done so or not.

If you'd like one, contact Eggroll at darrin@geardo.com for pricing, availibility, and options.
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 8:34:56 PM EDT
cool stuff
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 8:54:51 PM EDT
very nice, any idea what the price will be on these?
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 10:23:42 PM EDT
depends on what options you want
Link Posted: 2/19/2006 10:38:49 PM EDT

Originally Posted By eggrolly:
depends on what options you want

How about a basic one? What options are available? I am also in college and probably can't afford one anyway--just curious.
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