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Posted: 9/2/2005 6:41:52 PM EDT
Hi all. I hope you are all looking forward to a good Labor Day weekend. I am.

I make a point of learning how to accurately fire all of my rifles with iron sites. It's a great feeling to know you can be accurate out to 200 yards and score well. I went to Camp Perry this year and found that out first hand.

But, the M1a calls out for a good scope that can help push you out beyond eyeball limits accurately. So, I've been poking around. I can not afford to spend a ton of bucks on high-class optics. Maybe later in the year I'll swing for a Leopold or one of the other hard-to-pronounce scopes. Right now, however, I stumbled across one that really is a steal.

ZOS has been rebadged to another brand name. Same company, different name. But, their remaining Zos stock is being sold off at super-bargain prices. CDNN has them shipped for an amazing price. I've been wanting a dedicated tactical scope for my Poly so I decided on a 6x24/44E SF model. It arrived today in a huge box. It included the scope, fitted flip-ups, a "wheel" for the parallax adjustment, screw-in (not slip on) steel sunshade, and has a adjustable lighted reticle all comfortably mounted in a sturdy 30mm tube. I wanted to use the 30mm lever rings I'd purchased for my ARMS mount.

Here' s what it looks like:

It's a serious tactical scope to be sure. Look at those windage and elevation knobs. It sports 1/8 adjustments. The parallax wheel is on the left side. It's fog and waterproof, too.

I was pretty thrilled with the quality of the build, I must say. It's solid but not so heavy as to bother the overall weight of the rifle. The only surprise I found was that because of the girth of the center of the body, I had to mill about 3/32" off the rail lugs so the rings would fit properly, forward and aft. I used a die grinder and file so it only took about 15 minutes and you can't tell I did it.

I was very pleased when I stuck my laser bore-sighter into it this evening and found that the red dot was virtually dead on. A few click here and there fixed it into the center of the reticle.

I have not shot this yet and that will be the test. However, there will have to be something damaged in that scope to not perform as well as it looks. It's a solid piece. And, the optics are amazingly clear. I sighted in a target at about 200 yards this afternoon and I swear I was able to just about count the rings in a cut log at that distance and that was at the lowest power (6x). I didn't crank it all the way up to 24x but I did crank it to about 18 and it still has crystal clear optics with nary a drop in clarity or light gathering.

So, fellow M1a enthusiests, I'd like to make you aware of this great scope at bargin prices available for just a short time until stock is gone. There are a couple of other sellers with this scope but CDNN has the best price of $99 shipped to your door. You can't touch a "good" Tasco for that price.

I'll report from the range later on this weekend.

Link Posted: 9/2/2005 7:19:01 PM EDT
Nice scope.. clean your boltface.
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