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4/18/2021 9:59:29 PM
Posted: 10/30/2004 11:53:10 PM EDT
I want to get a nice side-by-side for around the house.  I once saw a man that had a really short side-by-side 12 gauge, i think the bbl length was right at 18", and then it got me thinking of that one particular shotgun that Ash (Bruce Campbell) used in that movie "Army of Darkness".  Anyone know how much one of those (Remington's, did he say?) retails for and where I can get one, or are there any other good, non-exposed-hammer, short 12 gauge side-by-sides that I can acquire for cheap?  I would hope not to spend more than $500.
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 12:06:20 AM EDT
my eaa hammerless 20" was $199 used years ago.  they go for at most $299 now(?).  i must admit that i use my win1300 for any similar situation.  it weighs less, makes noise if i want to scare someone and gives me 6 more rounds to screw up with in a pinch.  my double barrel makes me feel good for owning it, but i would reach for it 2nd.
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 12:09:40 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 12:47:30 AM EDT
combat as opposed to fowl-fetching scattergun...

guess i should say "coach gun"
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 6:23:42 AM EDT
New you're stuck with Russian or Turkish cowboy models (I think some are made in Spain or Brazil also).  And still more expensive than a 18-20" Mossberg or Remington 870 Express pump.
Solid, used domestic Savage/Stevens 311 (or whatever model # they were using that week) can be found fairly cheaply...for a double.  But still more expensive than a used pump.  My Stevens 311 coach gun was a steal $$$-wise but my Savage 30 pump was even cheaper & is way more appropriate for social purposes.  Guess which one stays loaded for home defense & which is a range toy?
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 10:11:17 AM EDT
The only defensive use I would have for a double barrel would be a very short(8-10") barrel with a sawed off pistol grip. I know a guy who keeps an 8" Ithaca side by side tucked next to the seat in his car. It would be pretty effective against someone trying to gain access to the car.
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 11:30:28 AM EDT
Well, the "boomstick" ash was using in "Army Of Darkness" is a 12 guage double barrel Remington, S-Mart's top of the line.  That sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, MI and retails for about 109.95.  It features a walnut stock, cobalt blue receiver, and a hair trigger.

Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart. (You got that?!)

Link Posted: 10/31/2004 12:29:25 PM EDT
double barrel and combat?

get your self an 870P and call it good... unless you really want semi...  
Link Posted: 10/31/2004 12:36:43 PM EDT
Front Porch Combat Course Training...bring your boomstick and lets get side by side....We teach the Two Shot Tactical Reload Technique.

Come get some.

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