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Posted: 6/20/2014 3:39:06 PM EST
I am taking the opportunity to update some information regarding Form 5320.20. I researched the process last night and did not find anything with definitive answers, regarding an expedited process.

I just received my Form 1 back 2 weeks ago, and am planning to travel out of state, with the SBR, in less than a month. With such a short window I need an expedited Form 5320.20 back. Currently (June 2014), the 5320.20 is NOT available on the ATF's e-form site. This is unfortunate, as the Form 1 submission I made in January went very smoothly and quickly (approved in exactly 5.5 months). NOTE: An electronic copy of your Approved Form 1 is saved electronically under your profile if you submit via e-forms.

I read online that I could submit via fax, directly to an Examiner, if you call that Examiner and plea your case (for time), and they agree to receive it via fax. This is only partially correct.

This is how it works:
The reviewers of the Form 5320.20 are NO LONGER the usual Examiners we are all familiar with (by name, anyway). They are a different group of people. So, if you have an expedited request (with a GOOD reason, not because you didn't plan ahead), you can fax your form to 304-616-4501, with a coversheet explaining your situation, and why they should change their process for you. REMEMBER: this is a non-standard process, as a form signed in ink can be, and generally IS required. DON'T ABUSE THE PROCESS! Plan ahead if you are traveling with your SBR.

I have not yet received the form back, but will update the information here once I do. The lady who answered the phone indicated that the reviewer might be capable of emailing the approved form back, can likely fax it back, and can definitely mail it back.

Having interfaced with the NFA Branch of the ATF for the last 6 months, I can say, without exception, they are incredibly professional, amazingly helpful and completely honest. Each time I called to discuss the status and timeframe for approval of my SBR, I provided the Serial Number and information was promptly provided. Amazingly, I have spoken to a person, never a computer, even on the first pick up, every time i called.

I hope this information is helpful to anyone needing to get a form 5320.20 expedited.
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