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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/26/2002 8:32:59 PM EST
I know this has come up before, but I can't find it by searching.
Does anyone have the contact info (hopefully web-site) for a gunsmith/service that converts 700s to use AR15/M16 mags. I know Robar does M14 mags, but I need info for the 223.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 8:45:59 AM EST
I don't know if anyone makes one.I have looked for a conversion kit,but I can't find any.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 9:39:06 AM EST
I think robar does a conversion for the .308 that uses M14 mags... you may want to start with them. I don't know for sure if they do AR mag conversion for .223, though.

Link Posted: 6/27/2002 10:10:52 AM EST
From the Robar Website:

Can you provide an M14 conversion to my rifle?
We provide M14 conversions to Remington 700 ADL or BDL actions only. We would need your entire rifle including stock for this procedure as this service is provided in house only.

Link Posted: 6/27/2002 10:26:47 AM EST
I'd also be interested in a modification like this. In fact, rather than pay someone 100+ to do this, I'm going to get working on it this week. I think the mag lips might be a problem though.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 10:27:01 AM EST
Last time I spoke to Robar, the price for this was something like $700!
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 11:56:40 AM EST
Yep, that's what I heard. Robar charges over $600 for the M14 mag conversion. AR would most likely be more.
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 9:23:52 PM EST

Originally Posted By BKinzey:
Yep, that's what I heard. Robar charges over $600 for the M14 mag conversion. AR would most likely be more.

YIKES!!!! Anyone have pics of the conversion?
Link Posted: 6/27/2002 10:56:14 PM EST
[Last Edit: 6/27/2002 10:59:32 PM EST by skullworks]
Here's a pic from the Robar website:

And the URL is www.robarguns.com

To do a 223 conversion with an AR mag you would have to do a custom set of bottom metal, and (since I haven't looked at it) probably do some modifications to the side of the stock. An easier way would be to customize the magazines, but it would still require modified bottom metal.
But now you guys got me thinking... To the Bat cave!
Link Posted: 6/28/2002 10:53:26 AM EST
Try HS Precision. I have a Remington 700 LTR in .308 and I dressed it up with the HS Precision floor plate (Remington floor plates bite) and their 10 round box magazine.

Not sure if it's offered in .223 but it's worth a try. HS Precision (605) 341-3006
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