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Posted: 5/10/2002 6:09:01 PM EDT
C. Semi-automatic fire.
To shoot in a semi-auto mode, the selector should be located in the "ÎÄ" position ("ÎÄ" in Russian means odinochniy - single). The rifle being loaded and the hammer cocked - pull the trigger. The hammer comes off to hit the firing pin. The round is fired. Reloading is accomplished like in the full-auto mode. The hammer, however, will be retained by the sear. The disconnector rests in initial position.
The buffer spring sends the firing unit into its front position. To deliver the next shot, the trigger should be released and depressed. As soon as the trigger is released the whole mechanism stays ready to fire.
Reloading is similar to the operations in a variable full-auto mode.

[url = http://club.guns.ru/images/video/an94.rm]AN-94 in operation: Real Video (450K)

Fig. 419. Location of the bayonet.
Fig. 420. AN-94, rear portion, with rotary peep-sight , buttstock hinge and buttstock release knob, with trigger mechanism release lever, magazine latch.

AN-94 Specifications
Caliber: 5.45 mm.
Cartridge: 5.45x39 mm.

Operation: gas-operated without regulator, locked breech with a rotary bolt, fires from the closed-bolt position.

Cyclic rate: 1,800 and 600 rpm, variable
Feed: black, fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, 30 round, two-position-feed, detachable box-type magazine.

Weight, empty and without magazine: 3.85 kg
Length, overall: 943 mm with stock extended,
728 mm with stock folded.

Barrel: chrome-plated bore and chamber, four-grooved RH rifling of one turn in 195 mm.
Barrel length: 405 mm.

Sights: round-post-type front sight inside protective frame, adjustable for both elevation and windage zero;
the notch on the upper part of the frame is intended to hold a pair of luminous capsules enabling the operator to conduct fire in twilight;
rear sight is a rotary asterisk-type diopter with a peephole in every of the five points located at different levels for various elevations;
two holes in the edge of one of the points are intended to hold two luminous capsules enabling the operator to conduct fire in twilight.

Finish: black phosphate.

Furniture: black fiberglass-reinforced polyamide buttstock, pistol grip, top handguard integrated with top cover and integrated carrier-stock.

Accessories: bayonet, sling, cleaning kit including cleaning rod; optical sight, night vision devices and underbarrel grenade launcher optional.

The latest news is that IZHMASH has just completed development of a new assault rifle, based on the prototype AS (PU-192), and chambered for the 7.62x 39 mm cartridge. The Abakan program is not over yet ! But this is a different story
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