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Posted: 1/25/2011 6:36:21 AM EDT
I know this is beaten to death, but I'm not sure I've actually heard of someone who had a 1:9
that WOULD NOT stabilize the 77 & 75 grn bullets. Not interested in the 80 grn pills, but wanted to
know from guys who shoot 1:9 rifles if you had any yeas or neas....


Link Posted: 1/25/2011 7:16:52 AM EDT
The best answer is "maybe".  You'll never know until you try.
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 7:30:40 AM EDT
It seems to be a toss-up amongst the user community.  Of course, the longer 1:9 barrels with higher velocity and spin rate (24", etc.), and the faster 5.56 NATO loads give better odds.  Like he said above, try a box in yours out to 100 yds or more and see.
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 7:46:05 AM EDT
In my case not a no, but rather a hell NO!
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 8:43:52 AM EDT
I shot some 75 grain Hornady bullets from my 1/9 Bushmaster w/ an M4 barrel and it seemed to stabilize them fine.  granted, I only shot them to 100 yards, but at that distance they were nice round holes, not keyholes or anything else.
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 3:42:14 PM EDT
I've had no issue with Hornady 75 Grain OTM's and 75 Grain A-Max's in my 1:9 AR (The A-Max was single-fed) out to 100 yards.

Nothing to do but shoot a few and see what happens.  That said, other than a HD load, I have no use for such expensive bullets, I don't do any shooting past 300 yards and usually within 100 yards.
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 4:36:41 PM EDT
I don't have a 1-9 barrel, but my nephew does have a 16".  The 75s and 77s we have shot do very well out to 300 yards.  Well under 1 MOA.

But, when we move the targets back to 400 or more, the bullets do not even find the targets at all.  We are still working on figuring out where they're going to....
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 6:09:59 PM EDT
I have a 20" 1/9 that shoots 62,69 and 75s better than 52 and 55s. Youll just have to try them in your rifle. May or may not work well...
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 6:21:36 PM EDT
What length barrel... if we are talking 14.5" stability will be an issue.

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Link Posted: 1/25/2011 6:31:10 PM EDT
I have a 16" ACR that I'm wondering about, hence the topic.

I did some ladder loads with 77 SMK's & 75 Hornady HPBT's over Varget, and was wondering what I should expect,
and if I should reserve them for use with my 16" Noveske.

Link Posted: 1/25/2011 6:55:02 PM EDT
You should expect them to go out the muzzle end
They will
Dollars to doughnuts they don't tumble out to 400
If they do, I'll send you money for a box of Dunkins
Link Posted: 1/25/2011 7:53:17 PM EDT
all the literature says no, and like you, all i can find are people who have had success with the 7x's
Link Posted: 1/26/2011 3:29:38 AM EDT
My bushy 20"  1-9 would hose 77's, pattern 75's and group 69's and lighter.
Link Posted: 1/26/2011 10:34:36 AM EDT
I have a 20" RRA and two 16" Armalites, all have 9 twist barrels.  They all shoot Hornady 75 gr OTM's great at 200 yds, haven't got to shoot any further than that yet though.  Also, haven't got to test any 77 grain bullets since I do not have any to load up currently.
Link Posted: 1/30/2011 7:36:01 PM EDT
Shot the ACR today with the 77 SMK's and the 75 HPBT's over Varget.


I wasn't shooting off a nice bench, and wasn't shooting paper targets, but I could tell that these
rounds were VERY accurate, and my ACR liked them. I was basically running the ladder loads
to see if I was getting pressure signs at 24.5 grn of Varget, and seeing if they'd stabilize out to 250
yards. They DID stabilize (damn accurate, and poi was almost dead on from what I could tell), and
never saw pressure signs at 24.5 grn. I thought 24 grn and 24.5 grn seemed to be about the same
from my rough results.

I was shooting at a 8" steel swinging target, 250 yards out. I was using a collapsable Coleman lawn
chair as my rest, while sitting on the side of a hill, on the dirt and using a 4X Accupoint scope. Not exactly
"ideal" conditions, but I was shooting a round every 1.5 seconds (barrel was HOT) and ringing the steel
on 90% of the shots. The ones I missed, was b/c I yanked the trigger... not the rifle.

I'd like to add that I was also shooting suppressed, and the rifle functioned 100% with all of my handloads
today (except the starting load of 23.5 grains of H335 on some 55 grn Blitzkings I was also working up).
My spotter (15 year old nephew said the 77's and 75's were VERY impressive when hitting the targets).

Very happy with the performance of the ACR today, as you can tell.

Link Posted: 1/30/2011 7:59:51 PM EDT
  no Dunkin's for you !
Link Posted: 1/31/2011 12:32:10 AM EDT
When picking a match barrel..............I believe that a little bit of over stabilization is better than not enough.

Check out the recommended twist rates here...........

http://www.riflebarrels.com/faq_lilja_rifle_barrels.htm#twist rates  

Aloha, Mark
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