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Posted: 8/3/2005 6:41:49 AM EDT
i'm curious re: what mods are needed to mount a 77/22 bbl on a 10/22???.....

i found some really nice octagon bbls for the 77/22 from green mountain.....

am i the only one that thinks a slim octagon bbl/rec on a 10/22 would look great????

Link Posted: 8/3/2005 12:24:02 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/3/2005 4:28:51 PM EDT by AR-fan]

Originally Posted By skintback:
i'm curious re: what mods are needed to mount a 77/22 bbl on a 10/22???.....

i found some really nice octagon bbls for the 77/22 from green mountain.....

am i the only one that thinks a slim octagon bbl/rec on a 10/22 would look great????


I also like the looks of a nice octagon barrel! I know there is a little modification that allows the use of the 77/22 barrels on the 10/22 receiver and I think it's some type of little metal wedge that allows the barrel to be rotated slightly to line up the extractor slot with the extractor. Try asking over in Rimfire Central www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/, they should be able to give you all the right answers. Check to see if GM also makes the same barrel for the 96/22 -- there was mention in RFC that this barrel is like a direct replacement for the regular 10/22 barrel -- but don't take my word for it -- ask over in RFC.

EDIT to add; I checked further and the 96/22 is the way to go -- it drops right into the 10/22 receiver like it was made for it. The 77/22 barrel will work but some shims are needed since the shank on the 77/22 barrel is longer than the regular 10/22 barrel!
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 2:41:49 AM EDT
many thx folks!......great info!...

i'll let ya know how this turns out!
Link Posted: 8/4/2005 6:29:37 AM EDT
I would honestly like to see what your 10/22 looks like with that barrel on it and how well it shoots! You got me thinking about doing the same thing. Are you going to change the stock?
Link Posted: 8/5/2005 5:15:55 AM EDT
i haven't decided completely how i'll do this one.......lol........ i'm still up in the air on bbl length/sights/stocks/etc.

i'm thinkin i'd like a stock w/ a short & slim forearm, kinda like a sharps shape, and w/ a schnobel on the end......not sure if i'll make it a seperate cap or not, or if i'll go w/ rosewood/buff horn/etc..... i really havn't decided how i want the grip/butt of the stock........ it wouldn't be that hard to "fake" the look of one of the "corn cob" forearms of the old winchester/rem pumps...... something of a "schutzen" style butt and grip would be nice for an offhand plinker, don't ya think?.....a stock like a boyds "blaster" style would be sweet on it also, imho...... i'm still kinda stuck on the idea of an ultralight offhand plinker w/ exceptional balance.....

i'll probably go w/ a 16-18" length, but longer would look really great w/ that bbl, i think.... if i was gonna build an all around plinker/hunter, i'd probably go w/ a 20" bbl, and put the tiniest ivory bead i could find on the front, and a premo peep on the rear...... but, my eyes are too bad for that...lol..... so, i'm sure i'll end up w/ glass on it..... speakin of glass, i wonder if if i can find on of those old style brass tube sharps style scopes.....lol..... that should get some looks at the range!....lol...but, w/ a bbl mount,it should work!

i'm planning to do a little to the top of the reciever..... i think i'll knock enough of a set of flats on the top to fake the look of an octagon......lol.....

any thoughts you have on which way to head w/ this build would be welcomed......like i said, i still haven't decided exactly which way to go w/ this one........


ps: an active mind in a retired body is a dangerous thing!.......lol....

Link Posted: 8/5/2005 10:04:47 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/5/2005 10:33:22 AM EDT by AR-fan]
The GM 96/22 barrel is 20" long and would make a nice length balance wise for an off-hand shooter. I agree about a nice thin, light carry-around rifle but can you do the woodwork or did you plan on buying a custom stock? A nice grained walnut stock would be good but they tend to be expensive. I've got to be honest with you about the schutzen butt -- They look pretty in pictures on single shot target rifles but really have no place on Ruger 10/22. It would be best to stick with a scope to extract the full accuracy of the rifle.

This is an old carry rifle I use -- it's a single shot flobart rifle that I relined the barrel on. I also added old stype vernier type sights and it and it shoots really nice. I only shoot CCI 22 CB longs in it due to it's age and type of lock. The barrel is a heavy 24" long octagon!
Link Posted: 8/5/2005 10:30:45 PM EDT
very nice old folbert!.....glad to see someone gettin some miles out of those!.....has been a ton of rabbits and squirrels killed w/ them over the yrs.....

i've been shooting alot w/ a little savage copy of a crackshot.... it's a nice little gun, but the trigger is a challenge to fix......

have you tried the aquilla super colibri loads?....they're lighter than the cb longs.....is a 20gr bullet @ 500fps....... advertised as just a primer behind the bullet.......they are quieter out of a rifle than any pellet gun i've ever shot!

i'll do the stock work....i wish i had a mill to do the inletting work right, but i'll do ok the slow way.... or, i'll buy something inletted and mod the exterior.....i agree that the large hooked butt of the shutzen is a very specialized design, but i'm wanting to use fit and balance instead of weight to stabilize it during shooting........ a butt that helps get consistent placement on the shoulder, along w/ proper drop at comb to allow me to keep my head upright and relaxed during shooting will do wonders for an offhand rifle, imho........i'm not planning a full blown bavarian style butt/cheek piece/grip...lol.... although i do have a soft spot between my ears for those rifles.....lol......

now i'm wondering who can cut me a swamped octagon!.....lol....

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