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Posted: 1/25/2009 4:46:26 PM EST
Cheap bullet tray & wrench holder for 550B and XL650:
I needed a bullet tray that was removable, held a fair
amount, and was cheap.  My 550B/XL650
AKRO bin is both the perfect size and removable.  You likely have all the materials on hand for
the 550B so cost is $0, the XL650's cost was minimal.

550B:  Residual
550B bench mount finished bullet bracket (aluminum) with structure cut off
back.  7" long 2x4 cut at angle and
lag bolted to strong mount from inside leg.
Bracket screwed to front of wood and holes drilled for allen wrenches
behind.  Spray flat black and you're GTG.

Look closely and you'll see a rubber band around the
aluminum primer actuator rod housing and rod.
This helps keep the actuator rod from walking out of the hole.  A drop of oil in hole is a good idea. Also,
an empty .45acp or 45 Colt case will fit on the head of the primer follower rod
perfectly.  Gives it a bit more weight
and looks good too.

XL650:  Buy a
finished bullet bracket from 550B Strong Mount from Dillon ($18).  Mount in holes you drill in leg.  Tool holder is a 4x4 post cut down and at an
angle, lag bolted from inside leg, with holes drilled into top for allen
wrenches (ball end set on sale at Harbor Freight for $6), nails on front for
open end box wrenches (on sale at Harbor Freight for $7), and nail for Dillon's
bench wrench at back. Sprayed flat black.

Lower XL650 Casefeeder:

Mark line at bottom of your casefeeder sitting on the
support pipe, remove casefeeder and measure distance from line to top of
pipe.  Mark line just at bend in case
feeder support tube and measure up same distance measured before.  Cut off support pipe at measured line. Cut
same length off of the feed tube (at bottom end, not top).  Mount as usual and your casefeeder will be
lower and easier to check, fill, change plates, etc.

XL650 Adjustment to
Completed Bullet Chute:

The issue with the metal chute for the completed rounds
being out of place took me a bit of time to work too.  Close tolerance areas are at both the top lip
of the chute / casefeed mechanism and the front edge / shellplate.  I found that you can open up your impingement
area if you roll the front edge to pull it away from the shellplate.

I found that overloading the completed round bin causes the
bracket to bend so when I've got a large run to do, I just take a 30cal or
50cal ammo can, tip it towards the strongmount leg and put a block under it
instead of using the Acro bin.

NOTE:  I use black reinforced tap to keep the
'klinking' sound down and so it shows up in this picture.  I curved the edge of the chute slightly to
the left and really makes a difference.

Wood powder measure knobs:

Take 2" hole saw and drill in 1/4" thick
hardwood.  Drop 1/2" hex head bolt
in center hole and mark head shape.  Take
Exacto knife and cut out shape for press on fit.  Paint knob, file notch in top edge, mark
notch with white crayon, and press on to powder measure adjustment bolt.  Print label on self stick printer label and

Primer Assy. Stands 550B and XL650:

2nd Primer assys make changing out primer sizes a quick
treat.  I made these stands from scrap
stock I had laying around.  Mark your
assy (small or large) so you don't forget which is which.


Spare primer assy makes primer size change a 20 second
effort. The assy was like $30 and even though Dillon doesn't list it, they will
sell you a setup.  Buy the flat bearing
plate too and mount with 2 screws to the housing to keep assy together when off
the press.


Spare primer assy makes primer size change a 20 second

XL650 primer cup and 'ski jump' mods:

Take 4" long piece of electrical tape and fold over 1/3
of it's width and stick to itself.  Then
take tape and stick to rear top edge of primer cup to avoid primers missing
cup.  Do the same thing with the ski jump
and your primers will stay put.

Dillon trimmer mods:

I can't leave well enough alone so I decided that the switch
box on the trimmer should live on an open space on the back of my XL 650 press
(between the 2 rear mounting bolts) where it would be easy to reach and up off
the bench.  In addition, I shortened the
power cable to pair it with the casefeed cable run to my outlet.

A better view showing my fabricated mounting bracket with it
between the 2 rear mounting bolts.  It is
solid as a rock and worked out really well.

After mounting and adjusting the trimmer (straightforward),
I cut a 2½" long piece of old shop vac wand and after rasping out one end,
pushed it on the Dillon chip collar.
Fits tight and makes attaching the vacuum a cinch.  The red box highlights a wood 'collar stay' I
made and will discuss below.

I fired it up and started trimming.  After a bit I noticed that the Dillon collar
(blue plastic collar that the vacuum hose attaches to) would ride up from the
weight of the cantilevered vacuum hose attachment.  This would let the brass shavings escape from
the trimmer head.  I noticed this when a
brass sliver bounced off my glasses.  A
quick once over and I realized that the collar needed to be held down for
proper and safe operation so I took a piece of scrap plywood and cut a circular
'collar stay' and slipped it on.  Works
like a charm.

Link Posted: 1/25/2009 5:13:12 PM EST
Good for you, posted your great thread in the "Gateway".

I have made 4 of the powder measure discs, I love them, great idea.
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