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Posted: 10/3/2005 7:33:09 PM EDT
I happened to be at a local gunshop when a new shotgun caught my eye. I had never seen a 11-87 with an 18 inch IC barrel and a factory extended mag tube. It was parkerized, and had synthetic stocks. I took a long look, and it was nice. Since I never buy a gun on a whim, and always think on it for a night, I left home to ponder on it.
After checking the Rem sites (both civ and LE) I thought the gun was thier new 11-87 Police Model. The price seemed too low, so of course, the next day I ran down to purchase a new toy. After checking it out again, I saw that it was not the 11-87 Police, but an 11-87 Sportsman. I guess this must be the equvilent of Rem's 870 express line. The gun was not listed in any of Remington's websites, so I take it that it's a newer model.
Anybody heard of this model yet? I'll post more once I wait out my 10 day torture period. BTW the price was in the high $500's. This seemed good since the 11-87 Police model was around $800.
Link Posted: 10/3/2005 9:45:24 PM EDT
Sportsman is a brand name Remington USED to use for their budget guns, before the Express name.

Either this is an older, used gun someone has fitted up as an HD gun, OR it's a special run for some distributor.

Recently Remington has been making defense type shotguns as limited production items for big distributors.
Among these are a couple of OD Green 870 pump models.

Before buying make sure it not a used gun. If it's new, ask what distributor it was made for.
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 7:01:21 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 10/4/2005 8:30:44 AM EDT
Thanks for the replies. The gun is brand new, and in fact the gunshop said they had just got 2 of the models in only a few days ago (both with 18 inch IC barrels and factory extended mag tubes). It looks just like the 11-87 Police listed on Rem's LE site, only thing is that is says "Sportsman" rather than "Police" on the side. I paid $580 for it. I hate posting prices on the internet, because there is always someone whos brothers cousins neighbers friend bought the same thing for $XXX and will tell me I got ripped off. The finish looked okay for a HD gun, but the machine work on the reciever looked crude compared to other 1100 Remingtons I've seen. I didn't buy it to be a looker though. I was shopping for a cheap used Rem 1100 to make into a HD gun. Around this parts used 1100 or 11-87's go for about $400 on up. Add another $200+ for a short barrel, $40 for a extended tube, and $60 for the synthetic stocks, I figured $580 for a new 11-87 seemed a good deal.
Link Posted: 10/4/2005 8:47:30 AM EDT
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