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Posted: 10/18/2004 5:15:09 PM EDT
Hey all!

I'm taking a shotgun class next month, but won't be able to get to the range between now and then. Can you 11-87P owners suggest inexpensive game loads that will cycle properly? Class requires 100 rounds of birdshot, but the only non buck or slug loads I've used in this gun are the Remington Express Long Range, which are a bit expensive and overly powerful (blast & recoil-wise) for what we'll be doing. What are some birdshot loads you all have found to be reliable? Thanks!

Link Posted: 10/19/2004 4:13:27 AM EDT
I'm not an owner, but I have seen many used in classes. No flame but I have never seen an 11-87P make it through a class requiring 100rd. or more without breaking down...maybe the newer guns made in the last two or three years are better. If I was going to look for ammo I would be looking at something with a 3 1/4 dram powder equivalent, I think. Unfortunately it will probably be easier to find Express type loads than these...the "intermediate" level field loads have all but disappeared around here now.

Maybe someone will come along and give you a more personal experience or opinion.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 10:09:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 10:10:41 AM EDT
I have used the walmart 100 shells for $14.88 promo loads, 7 1/2 & 8's. They cycle okydoky.

Doc @ M&A Parts
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 10:11:19 AM EDT
I use #8 1oz Win AA target loads rated at 1350fps.......they cycle all day long. In fact, I ran a dirty 11-87 through 4 rounds of skeet using various target loads.

If it doesn't cycle properly you may need to check the gas ring....
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 10:29:10 AM EDT
I've had an 1187 since maybe 87 or 88 & I've gone YEARS without cleaning it & seldom had it fail to cycle except when I had let it go way too long between cleanings. That includes years when I would go though a box of shells a day on the ND prairie hunting those little rockets that they call ducks. Hey, I didn't say that I was a good marksman, although I would be by the time that I went through a few boxes. It even got to the point that I would wait to shoot them until they were over land because I didn't want to put on the waders to go get them.

It's supposed to cycle any 12 ga. load so just go buy the cheapest, low brass stuff that you can find at Wally World. In fact, get the ones that Doc recommends. That's probably the best price that you will find.
Link Posted: 10/19/2004 10:46:49 AM EDT
My 1187 now has a 26" skeet barrel cut down to 21"; this barrel is fitted with the gas compensation system and thus functions well with light loads (I use cheap WalMart ammo - Federal or Winchester). I used to have a 21" rifle-sighted slug barrel which lacked the gas compensation system, and it would only work reliably with hot loads (I used Sellier & Bellot hunting loads, 1-1/4oz 3-3/4dram... cheap but not commonly available - try Sportsmans Guide).
Link Posted: 10/20/2004 6:23:09 AM EDT

I'm asking specifically about the 11-87P (Police), which is supposedly tuned for full-power buck & slugs. This isn't your garden-variety 11-87 bird or deer gun, which has a different gas system and spring setup for reliability with all kinds of ammo - I think some responses missed that part.

But still, thanks for your replies... keep 'em coming!

Link Posted: 10/20/2004 7:37:12 AM EDT

In a tactical situation that calls for the close-in performance of a shotgun, you want maximum firepower and unquestioned reliability, shot after shot. That's why more and more departments are buying the Model 11-87™ Police. This law enforcement version of our famed Model 11-87 shotgun is all business.

Remington's gas- operated autoloading action has long set the standard for functional reliability and durability. Its low recoil means excellent control in high-rate-of-fire situations with heavy buckshot or rifled slug loads. For training and familiarization, this versatile shotgun also handles lighter loads without a hitch. The receiver, barrel, magazine extension, and bracket are coated with a Parkerized metal finish that minimizes reflections and provides moisture and abrasion resistance.

The Model 11-87 Police features a rugged synthetic stock and fore-end, durable parkerized metal finish, and a choice of bead, rifle or ghost ring sights.

For added durability, Model 11-87 Police shotguns come with high-strength polypropylene stocks and fore-ends. These rugged parts are impervious to moisture and will retain their strength under even the harshest environment. Their matte-black finish won't reflect light. To ensure the best grip and comfort, the stock has molded checkering and is finished with a 1", black solid recoil pad. The blaze orange magazine follower permits quick, safe inspection of the chamber and magazine.

When your law enforcement officers demand the maximum in firepower and reliability, there's simply no better choice than the Model 11-87 Police.

My statement stands, as is. Get a target load with the highest fps rating you can find......I believe it is 1350....1oz of shot moving at 1350fps out of the tube will be plenty to cycle the action. If it's not, you need a tune up to the gas ring.....

Link Posted: 10/22/2004 9:24:56 AM EDT
I have an 11-87 Police and it runs very reliably on the cheap Walmart promo field loads. I honestly have not had a single failure to feed or jam using those loads. I agree with the advice above about checking the o-ring. If it is torn, mashed or otherwise worn, it will cause problems. When I bought my used 11-87P, the first thing I did was put in a new o-ring. I had it out in the woods the other week letting my son and some friends blast away with about 300 rounds, lot of rapid fire, using nothing but Walmart promos and never had a problem.
Link Posted: 10/25/2004 10:40:29 AM EDT
Just to be sure it cycles I would buy 1 1/8 oz. higher velocity whatever. My old 11 87 would not cycle 1 oz. loads reliably. And it would not cycle my reloads. Which were 1200 fps 1 oz. #8. Also I would buy a couple of extra o rings just in case it gets nasty and tears. I used to carry an extra in my hunting license. good luck.
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