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Posted: 9/2/2004 3:14:32 PM EDT
i haven't decided yet, so kinda looking for ideas as well............

ive got RRA 6 position collapsible stocks

RRA stripped lowers and bottom end kits

the uppers are what im torn on, i'd get RRA but i hate those LE compensator uppers they've got (are they at least threaded on?) bushmaster is too damn high for a rush to build, kinda looking at doublestar or model 1, any opinions there?

spend the money on BBLs and changeout equipment and use my existing uppers just swapping out bbls ya think?

decisions, decisions, shit, i need a beer now......................
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 3:36:28 PM EDT
The AR10, definitely.

3 port comp going bye bye in favor of a Vortex flash suppressor. May wind up putting a Magpul M93 on it as well, the fact that the stock can adjust out past the A2 length is helpful in some situations and especially considering the longer eye relief target scopes I have in mind. Just got done putting an ARMS SIR on it as well as a JP Enterprises trigger/hammer.

When it finally gets back to the range it's gonna be a much different rifle. I'm hoping groups will shrink nicely, the gun was averaging around 1MOA for 5 shots with the old non-freefloated handguards and crappy trigger before heat got into the barrel and the shots started opening up. Now it's freefloated, the trigger is light years improved, and Vortex flash suppressors are said to not harm accuracy.

I'm hoping for a rock solid MOA performer or better no matter if barrel is hot or cold.

I now call the rifle "Miss Piggy" due to the weight. She's 13 pounds unloaded which is almost as heavy as my accurized AR15 squirrel rifle which weighs in at 15 pounds unloaded(stainless lower in combination with 24in bull upper).

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