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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/30/2003 10:04:59 PM EST
i'm new here and i'm finding alot of great stuff. i've been looking at several different ones. i've looked at the colt A3 elite, shot a colt flatop hbar, looked at a bushmaster varmiter, looked at the armalites, and an olympic. i'm looking for an AR that can serve as a ranch rifle, acurate but can still be tactical. if i understand right, it is ok to own a sound suppressor with the right paper work. that would be a huge benefit as to the fact that i'm around alot of livestock. can a suppersor be mounted on certain barrels? i've been reading some stuff about the different barrels. a low maintenence one would be great. so far i've gathered that chome lined is the way to go. what about stainless? what are the pro's and cons? i would greatly appreaciate any input as im noticing there are alot of people here that know their stuff. thanks
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 9:14:52 AM EST
Welcome [beer] As far as buying an AR15, stick with your ABCs (Armalite, Bushmaster, Colt) and get a chrome-lined. Armalite and Colt tend to be a bit more expensive than a Bushy but all are great shooters. I recommend getting an A3/A4 upper (flattop) so that you can mount optics. I assume you will be buying a brand new AR which means that you will be buying a postban. This means that it would be illegal to attach a flash suppressor on the barrel, however you can attach a brake. Remember one thing, if noise is a factor, then do not get a brake because it will reduce recoil but increase sound. Recoil really shouldn't be a factor with an AR. Maybe this will help.
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 9:34:12 AM EST
so on a post ban gun you cant have a flash supperssor or a noise suppressor either? you suggested chrome lined. what are the benefits of chrome over non and the benefits of stainless?
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 11:29:50 AM EST
A Chrome plated bore is very slightly less accurate (that's why you'll rarely if ever see a National Match chrome plated barrel) but more resistant to corrosion and wear. Unless you are shooting in competition with sub MOA accuracy, you'll probably never notice the difference. The Military chrome plates its bores because of the harsh conditions their rifles are expected to weather and to reduce wear, but a non-chromed bore will work fine unless you neglect it. Some swear by chrome plating but I have had both, and prefer the non chromed. All a matter of preference. There are lots of articles on the web concerning this, as well as opinions..
Link Posted: 7/1/2003 11:38:37 AM EST
Stick with your ABC's. As for the sound suppressor its not legal on a post ban as was said before. The reason is BATF consideres them highly efficient flash hidders. PAT
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