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Posted: 2/14/2013 9:07:52 PM EDT
My 14.5" BCM barrel got ruined by my machinist.I dont want to go in to details...it will just make me mad all over again.

I have a carbine length .625 gas block "LITE" carbine length Adams Arms kit.
So, I need a new barrel. I have a line on one of AA/Voodoo Melonite treated 14.5" but in a MID gas length and a .625 gas block.
AFAIK, All i need is a stripped mid length AA piston to convert to the mid length, right. I can use the exact same spring and AA BCG, yes? I am certain this is the case.

I have an H2 buffer with a stock buffer spring in a Mil Spec tube. Is this a good starting point to check which buffer to run?
A Proto Tactical Z comp is plenty long to be legal when pinned and welded. I can index it with just a new crush washer(no peel washers needed).

I am a big fan of dry lube coatings. I trust Cerakote. They have a pretty nice looking dry film called C110Q Micro Slick dry film coating.
As much as I LOVE the look and hardness of the melonite treatment, it has no self lubrication properties.

I am thinking of having the BCG, the mid length piston and the "gas plug assembly" http://www.adamsarms.net/details.asp?sku=ASY%20Gas%20Plug%20Group
coated in the 110 Micro Slick.

What reasons would I NOT want to do these enhancements. I dont see a down side. But I always like to hear other opinions.

Just for general FYI, a Samson Evo 9EX rail will cover almost all the barrel and look great. I hate the chalk board feel of the rail so it will be coated in Cerakote Graphite Black, a very slight semi gloss black.
My goal is a nice slightly shorter legal Ar15 with a very, very light recoil and minimal muzzle flip.

If ANY of the AA/Voodoo specs/claims are to be believed , the velocity of their barrels is Significantly more than a chrome line barrel of the same length. This will prove interesting to see how well the trajectory agrees with the GRSC Combat scope graduated reticule.

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