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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/25/2003 11:09:06 AM EST
i found an unmarked, no " LEO/MILITARY only" markings, on a NIW center w/ black follower mag. the packaging in dated may/2003. is the mag post or pre?
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 11:45:28 AM EST
If it is new with the black follower my best guess would be pre-ban. I have some post-ban Center Ind. mags from 2002 that are marked Govt/LE/Military/Export Only. Does the floorplate have the manufacturer stamped on it?
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 12:02:28 PM EST
Check Troy's FAQ on mags. Center produced post 94 mags for the Gov't with only a lightly stamped date stamp on the side of the body. Check to see if it has the date stamp on the lower side of the body. If it has the stamp, it's LE/Gov't.
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 1:04:53 PM EST
the follower is green not black, my bust. the mag is stamped "6P199" and under that "04/00". i am sure thats a date, but i thought it HAD to be marked law enforcment/military use only.?
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 2:04:33 PM EST
>>the mag is stamped "6P199" and under >>that "04/00". That is a restricted magazine. The 6P199 is Center Industries number for the mags. Yes they are supposed to be stamped, but Center was not stamping the early ones, just with the date code. Sarge
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 2:26:19 PM EST
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 4:39:21 PM EST
troy, got a link to something that says the date code is enough? everything i have heard has always been to the point that the mag must be marked " RESTRICTED for LE/ Military use only".
Link Posted: 8/25/2003 10:35:20 PM EST
If you want an absolute answer, call ATF and get a written and signed statement as to what their stance on a mag with the date only and no "mil/LEO" restriction markings. I stress written and signed. A spoken statement over the phone holds no water in court or with other ATF agents. Otherwise, trust Troy. No one knows as much about this topic as he does. I don't want to sound like an a-hole, but if everything you have read pointed to your mag being preban eligible, why did you bother asking the question? Could it be you had doubts? When in doubt, it's best to ask the people who enforce such restrictins, as they are the ones that will be asked if you ever get in trouble for having that mag.
Link Posted: 8/26/2003 3:58:51 AM EST
the question was posed to bring about disscussion and hopefully help others who may be afraid to ask. not everyone here has as much legal knowledge on such things. as TROY probably remembers, i am the founder of MA. that was back in the days before the great crash. when kelley (ZEN) and a few of us other were here. i have no doubt the mag is POST. the fact that it was in a USGI box of 100 post bans was what first tipped me off. when i sort through the mags to sell i found 4 that were un stamped. 2 like the one mentioned and 2 that were date stamped "/91".
Link Posted: 8/26/2003 10:47:02 AM EST
Link Posted: 8/26/2003 12:42:29 PM EST
hi, my name is kellet and i'm a magaholic.
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