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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 2/20/2006 8:58:50 AM EST
How hot is it loaded? Steel core? Accurate? whats a good price per round? Overall good or bad?

Link Posted: 2/20/2006 9:15:24 AM EST
I have not seen the yellow box Norinco .223 for sale since maybe the early 1990's. It is good plinking ammo, loaded to M193 velocity, when plentiful back in the early 1990's the Norinco .223 was priced very reasonable.
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 7:46:14 PM EST
bought 6 boxes a while back for $3.00 a box. Sitting on it till a rainy day...
Link Posted: 2/20/2006 8:01:01 PM EST
Good ammo, for the right price. I'd like to see more of it imported.

Link Posted: 2/21/2006 3:57:24 AM EST
It's been a long time since I've seen that ammo for sale. I bought a case of it back in 1988.
Link Posted: 2/21/2006 4:48:14 AM EST
A guy on gunbroker has 8 (20) boxes for sale $3.50ea (2 different auctions, 4 boxes each) Not much I know.

Link Posted: 2/21/2006 11:14:04 AM EST
It's loaded about to M193 spec. Definitely not commercial spec. All boxer primed. I heard that some lots were corrosive, but never encountered this myself.

Link Posted: 2/21/2006 4:18:10 PM EST
Good blasting ammo, not quite M193 IMOP and have never had cycling issues. I buy it when I can find it dirt cheap, I usually pay $ 2-2.50 per box.

Brass is garbage though for reloading....
Link Posted: 2/21/2006 4:28:06 PM EST
I had some of this stuff in 5.56. It was DIRTY but worked OK. Still have some .45acp stuff, OK also but just as dirty. Sooty as heck, a SS gun was BLACK after one box.
Link Posted: 2/21/2006 4:57:42 PM EST
I picked up 2000 rounds for $90 per 1000 at the gunshow about 9 months ago.
Old guy was selling it for $2.50 a box and said if I took all he had he would cut a deal.
Kinda dirty but fairly accurate.
Wish I could buy more for that price

Link Posted: 2/22/2006 11:18:39 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/22/2006 11:19:00 AM EST by arashi]
I have fired thousands of rounds of it with zero problems. I have also reloaded the cases at least 4 times without any problems.

It is usually packed in 1600 rnd wooden cases.

I just bought someone's 3200 rnd, 15 year old stash and it work great.
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