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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/27/2006 9:57:51 AM EST
ok, i've got a bushy stripped lower i bought quite a while back, that needs to get finished. i had an armalite postban 16", but i traded it for a 20" a2 because i would have to rebuild the whole damn rifle to get what i wanted with the 16". now i need one.

the intent of the rifle is to be the do-all, bump-in-the-night rifle. i intend to take carbine classes with it, and would like to compete with it when i can. like to get into something like ipsc-style for the ar. thought about 3-gun, but i really don't have any interest in shotguns whatsoever (wierd). had one, never used it. the practical rifle matches out here shoot from 0-300yds.

here's my known specs for the rifle: 16" gov't profile, midlength with m4 style feed ramps in upper/bbl. going to probably just go with a std 6-pos stock, std lpk.

the main question is wether to FF or not. i don't have the extra funds really to spend the cash on a larue... so it's yhm or nothing, pretty much. however, i really want to KISS as much as possible. the only reason i'm really looking for an FF tube is for a place to mount a light, and that maybe for 300-yd shots, if it will make a difference.

i am pretty comfortable with the magwell grip, and use it on my 20" probably more than i should. i'd like to keep as few things on the rifle as possible, the only downside is i'm having a hard time coming up with a good flashlight control while using the magwell grip, and where to reliably mount the light without a 4rail.

i'm probably going to just order the upper assembled from someone, mostly looking at cmmg, sabredefence, bravo, and any other suggestions. then i don't have to get all the tools right away to use the gun, and i don't have to worry about screwing up the upper job (i.e. it should run lol).

i also want to give the gun a good basecoat of norrel's. it rains a lot up here, and i'd like to give the rifle a bit more resistance to the elements. will it provide a good, resistive coat if i do it while the gun is assembled, or should it be unassembled? i.e. if i spray it assembled, does that leave too much open in the cracks to be vulnerable?

so, my goal is to be as simple as possible but still get the job done, be ultra-reliable and lightwieght.

i'll save the optics question for the optics forum, lol. i appreciate all your input.
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