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Posted: 5/17/2005 6:37:02 PM EDT
well, it shot pretty sweet and comforatble, but... my vision was SOOO blurry so i wont even post pics of the targets.

i shot at an indoor range, 75 yards. there was some oil still on the rear sight even though i tried to whipe it off it made SOOO much GLARE... combine that with having a brite light right above me, wearing the safety glasses i borrowed from the range... made everything so blurry. soon i will try to go to an outdoor range where im sure ill do 10 times better.

does anyone have any tips to reduce glare on the AR15 sights?? the guy at the range said to try to take a black sharpie marker and rub it on the rear sight to make it a flatter black.

i shot @ 200 rounds, had one FTF. pulled the trigger-"click" ejected the round a minute later, reloaded it, pulled the trigger again and still didnt fire. the primer was pretty well dented. it was a 55 grain winchester round. never had problems with those.

and... i got to shoot a guys 8" barreled revolver- 500 magnum !!! DAMN !!!! kicks like a motherfawker !! and considering ive never shot a pistol like that before, i did pretty good.. both shots lol- he said its like $36.00 a box for shells for it

so... any tips to reduce glare on the sights??

heres some gun porn for ya

Link Posted: 5/17/2005 6:50:25 PM EDT
Hey, I saw your other thread concerning this rifle. You built up a real nice mid-length.

I have the same problems with sights. I have very good vision, but the front sight is blurry for me, especially indoors. I want an Aimpoint.

Link Posted: 5/17/2005 7:22:53 PM EDT
yeah.... with my 20" Colt I really lay out some amazing groups. but for some reason i shot like shit tonight, like i said everything was sooooo blurry.... i might have to cut the carry handle in half and put an EOtech on this...

maybe im just tired and have blurry vision tonight...

but does anyone have any tips ??

and thanks for the compliment about the rifle-bullitt4301
Link Posted: 5/17/2005 7:30:16 PM EDT
In the old days we used a carbide lamp to smoke the sights, the smoke was a flat black that really made the sights stand out, in the modern world you buy it in a can.

Link Posted: 5/17/2005 7:54:16 PM EDT
heres one i just thought of.. maybe taking a lighter and holding it to the sight until the carbon from the lighter builds up? the only problem though is it will whipe off easily...
Link Posted: 5/17/2005 8:33:06 PM EDT
+1 on a great looking mid length.....i like it a lot.....very low drag(basic)......

let us know how you do when you go to shoot it outdoors....


Link Posted: 5/18/2005 1:33:13 AM EDT
that midlenght looks NICE!

Link Posted: 5/18/2005 2:53:53 AM EDT
nice looking rifle. I have scean people burn plastic spoons and let the smoke from it hit the front sight. turned the front sight a flat black.
Link Posted: 5/21/2005 11:19:39 PM EDT
You can buy sight black.

Used it on the firing lines while in the Marines...

- over 13 yrs ago.....

Look on NET......
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 12:11:53 AM EDT
the midlength is starting to grow on me
Link Posted: 5/22/2005 2:24:14 AM EDT

Originally Posted By GETSUM:
You can buy sight black.

Used it on the firing lines while in the Marines...

- over 13 yrs ago.....

Look on NET......


Or you can justuse an oil lamp or other source that puts out nasty black smoke
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