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Posted: 9/3/2004 8:48:14 PM EDT
This may be a stupid question, but im in a delimma. I had to sell most of my guns due to tough times. Im now back on my feet and ready to purchase an ar15. Should I buy one gun and deck it out to the max, or should I purchase two guns and build them later. I have around 2100.00 to spend. Thanks
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 8:57:47 PM EDT
I'd go for a Colt MT6400 and a 20 inch MT6700, both have removable carry handles
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 9:48:26 PM EDT
Link Posted: 9/4/2004 12:13:51 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/4/2004 12:23:54 PM EDT by warriorsociologist]
Tough call. If I were in your position, I'd get one lower & 2 uppers (one light weight CQB one & one longer range one w/ the possibility for optics). Get a collapsible stock on your lower for 9/14 and beyond.

Here's my quick picks:

RRA complete lower (less stock): $150-175
RRA 6-pos stock kit $75
*maybe spring for a RRA 2-stage trigger ($80)

Build a few uppers:

CMT flat-top upper $89 shipped (complete w/ all parts)
Bushmaster 14" M4 1/7 barrel w. lug/fh/fsb (Pete's selling these...unless he's out now) $230
bolt/carrier/CH $115 (adrenaline arms has a sale on these right now for this price - I think)
gas tube/pin, delta ring kit, M4 handguards $40
detach. carry handle or BUIS on the EE $50-100

Longer range
CMT flat-top upper $89 shipped (complete w/ all parts)
Bushmaster or Colt 20" 1/7 barrel (there are some popping up on the EE - I will have a new colt one up there soon) $200-225
bolt/carrier/CH $115
gas tube/pin, delta ring kit, rifle-length handguards $40 (you can always FF later, or spend an extra $100 or so to get a ff tube, etc.)
detach. carry handle or BUIS on the EE $50-100 ...and/or spend the rest on a decent scope & mounts.

That comes out to be between $1300 and $1450.... Then, dump your remaining $600-700 into some decent optics/base & maybe a barrel wrench/block. This is similar to how I started. I have a few eaxtra toys for my rifles now, but I generally like to keep the gadgetry to a minimum.

Of course...all this is IF you would rather have 2 rifles... If you can live with one rifle that will do most everything fairly well, you can modify either of these base plans to fit your needs (different barrels, triggers, etc...) When I did this, I built an upper similar to the CQB one I mentioned (added a Aimpoint too), used a Magpul 93a stock & RRA 2-stage trigger for my lower, and built my long-range upper around a WOA "SPR" barrel, WOA flat-top upper, and Briley Carbon fiber FF tube.

That's my .02

Link Posted: 9/4/2004 8:09:05 PM EDT
Get Both!

(Thats the ARFCOM motto)
Link Posted: 9/5/2004 4:01:36 PM EDT
Thanks for the input. I do like the idea of having two uppers and some optics.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 7:35:39 AM EDT
see, that's exactly what i thought when i bought my first, a rra 16" carbine, 1/9. then, i got an acog for it, tuned it in really well with 55 gr. pills, dicknocker at 100 meters.

then, i ordered a 16", 1/7 twist hbar from bushmaster. the original idea was to have two uppers and one lower, which made no sense since my acog was already scoped in on the 55 grain gun, and i'd have to swap the scope to get the kind of distance optics i need in my advancing age for the longer range unit.

i had originally thought the 1/7 gun theoretically was intended for use on varmints at long distances or larger game, such as hogs (which abound in these parts...) and deer, using heavier bullets, like 68-77 gr. ammo.

ended up i just built 2 rifles, both with acogs, one is dressed in woodland camo and is a primo general purpose rifle on the ranch, that's the 55 grainer, and i've now got an acog-equipped hbar 1/7 for bigger critters dressed in black. both are wonderfully accurate and tuned in for their proper bullet weights, which are 55 and 68 grains, respectively. no need fooling around with swapping off top-ends, just choose your machine out of the safe and off you go.

FWIW, i have been shopping for ammo and found a fellow down in san antone who is a grouch and a bit of a pain in the ass customer service-wise, but who sold me a 1000 rd. can of 68 gr. boattail hp round for 250. that's a steal as far as i can tell. the guys down at mcbride's guns here in austin wants $450 for 500 rounds of 69 gr. federal match ammo, the best i could find on the net was $350 for 500, and at the last gun show this guy apologizes to me that the best he can do is $250 for 1k rounds. hm. couldn't get my wallet out of my pants fast enough.

his ammo groups about an inch at 100, well within hunting accuracy demands. i'm happy.

i will report later in the season as to the effectiveness of these 68 grain bullets on deer and hog.

went dove hunting on the home place yesterday, got 200 yards or so from the pickup, only had a shotgun on me with birdshot, and jumped a herd of 20+ bbq-sized pigs. i must go back next weekend and take the ar with me, damn the doves, full speed ahead on the pork!
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 7:37:20 AM EDT
oh yeah, forgot to put my .02 in for rra. great gun. whatever you end up getting, make sure you get an rra 2 stage match trigger. that's $100 well spent as far as i'm concerned.

Link Posted: 9/6/2004 1:26:11 PM EDT
For $2100 I'd be looking at Rock River or Eagle Arms. Either AR varient you could get 2.3 or 3 rifles for the cost of one and a half Colts.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 4:38:41 PM EDT
Thank you for all of the input. It was more feedback than I ever expected. I am going to look into my options and purchase in a couple weeks.
Link Posted: 9/6/2004 6:28:16 PM EDT
I also like the idea of one lower, two uppers. RRA would be my choice.
Then pick some add-ons.
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