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Posted: 12/24/2002 11:59:35 AM EDT
i just got some new toys for christmas one of them being a harris bipods i'm tring to remove the handguards and i cant seem to get them off is there and trick to this..i thought you just push the delta ring down and they would pop off any help would be great
thanks and merry christmas
Link Posted: 12/25/2002 1:16:23 PM EDT
The trick is to only attempt one side at a time.  Pull the bottom of the delta ring down (dont' worry about the top) and pry the lower handguard out.  Repeat with the top handguard.

Good luck!
Link Posted: 12/25/2002 1:24:47 PM EDT
Angle the Delta, either UP or Down...do not pull straight down.


call a friend to help...don't be embarrased, most of us have at 1 time or another.


Buy the tool that I believe Midway/Brownells sells.
Link Posted: 12/26/2002 3:35:30 AM EDT
Support the butt end on a hard surface like a table or floor, desk top, etc. Then pull down the delta ring with one hand as far as you can get it and hold it there and with the other hand take half of the handguard and work it out from the bottom (delta ring side) first and remove it then repeat for the other half.
Link Posted: 12/31/2002 5:56:20 AM EDT
Getting them off is the easy part. Wait until you try putting them back on...

You'll probably want to do a search here for the answers prior to starting your project!

As I recall, best way is to

1) Call a buddy over to help hold down the Delta ring.


2) Exercise like mad so that you have really beefy arms and hold it down with one hand


3) Get the aforementioned tool


4) Remove all children with sensitive ears from the area
Link Posted: 1/4/2003 2:06:40 PM EDT
I remembered reading a post a while back about making a handguard removal tool; so done a search and found it.  [url]http://quartz2.cyberstation.net/~dwpaul/hgrt.htm[/url]
This is a page that "dropdbombnow" put together.

Looks like its pretty easy to make.
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 5:55:27 AM EDT
30 plus years have gone by, but we used the buddy system in ROTC and at Fort Sill!
Link Posted: 1/5/2003 1:10:38 PM EDT

Seems like I have better luck removing tight handguards with the upper separated from the lower.If you haven't already done that give it a try.

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