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Posted: 7/23/2013 4:55:56 AM EST
When I started loading .50 Beowulf, I used unfired factory Starline brass and had no problems. Then when I began to reload the same cases I began to have stuck cases in my chamber, rather frequently. I think I have found the problem - using a 4 die Lee set, I followed Alexander Arms caution about not using much crimp. My resulting cases measured a bit more than .525 at the mouth of the case just below the crimp.

So I experimented with more crimp and now the measurement below the crimp is a bit less than .525 and of course even less than that where the crimp meets the bullet. (Hornady XTP 350 gr or Hawk 400 grain.) Now everything seems to work well both when live firing the gun and when just cycling rounds through the gun. I am now in the process of re-crimping everything I have already on hand.

Two questions:

1. Has anyone else had a similar experience and how did you solve it?

2. My cases now have what I consider a rather agressive taper crimp. Could there be other problems arise from this? (I have not crushed any cases (yet))

Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 7/23/2013 5:06:27 AM EST
Well the case seats on that lip so the agressive crimp could cause the case to insert too far into the chamber.
Link Posted: 7/23/2013 9:34:08 AM EST
Do you have a case gauge? It saves quite a bit of time. Plunk the case in before reloading and you'll know if it is sized. Plunk it in after and you know it will chamber.
Link Posted: 7/23/2013 10:30:59 AM EST
No case gauge but that is a good idea. I have used on for .45 ACP and it is a great help. Thanks!
Link Posted: 7/23/2013 3:30:59 PM EST
one of reasons headspacing off the rim sucks. I wouldnt think you could crimp it at all.
Link Posted: 7/23/2013 4:50:31 PM EST
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Originally Posted By exigent:
one of reasons headspacing off the rim sucks. I wouldnt think you could crimp it at all.
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The .50 Beo headspaces of the case mouth and it uses a rebated rim design.

That is why you have to use a tapered crimp...
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 5:19:57 AM EST
Thanks guys for all the help so far. I must admit that my understanding of headspacing and on what part of the case it headspaces is pretty limited. Nevertheless, I now have cartridges which chamber and extract easily and fire reliably and accurately. Is there any reason I cannot just go with what I have at this point? I may take the gun on a bear hunt soon (or maybe not) but other than that, it will see limited use.

Thanks again.

Link Posted: 7/24/2013 7:34:26 AM EST
You can't roll crimp the Beo, you have to taper.
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