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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/29/2003 5:20:21 AM EST
i'm new to these forums, so if this question has been addressed elsewhere (i have looked a bit) i do apologize.. i am putting together my first AR in some time, others in the past having gone their own seperate ways for various reasons, and have decided to go with an A3 setup this time around. i was just wondering how much effect the front site generally has on optics that are attached to the picatinny rail, particularly in regards to low-sitting optics like the eotech 552 (which i am strongly considering). i sort of have my heart set on a bushy dissipator upper, and i'm not too keen on having the front site milled.
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 5:44:10 AM EST
The fixed front sight post will not be detrimental to your optics. With a non-magnified red dot (e.g., Aimpoint), you will simply see both - the dot may be centered on the front sight or above it, depending upon your preference. With a magnified optic the front sight will simply disapear. If you really try to see it, you will find a blur in the lower portion, but it will certainly not detract at all from the use of the scope. I use a TA01NSN and was somewhat worried about this; it has proven to be a non-issue. [image]http://www.quarterbore.com/images/sopmodm4.jpg[/image] The military issues both Aimpoints and the ACOG seen above, and all M4s have the fixed front sight post. I believe that the SPR (Special Purpose Rifles), which use a longer barrel and a higher-powered scope, are issued with fold-down front sights. If you are building an SPR for counter-sniper needs, you may want to consider the fold down. Otherwise, stick with the durable and reliable and cheap fixed front sight. IMHO. [hail2]
Link Posted: 8/31/2003 6:01:28 AM EST
heh, i never even thought about the military M4, thanks for the reply and pointing that out. now i just have to decide if i want an eotech or an ACOG, and if i want an ACOG, which one, and what kind of backup irons do i want, and... man this is going to be fun. :)
Link Posted: 8/31/2003 6:32:05 AM EST
For a social rifle I always want two sets of sights with iron sights backing up the optics. The stock front sight with an iron sight that co-witnesses with a red dot is the best set-up as you can confirm your rifle's optics without firing a shot.
Link Posted: 8/31/2003 6:49:09 AM EST
Here's a close up, mine resembles the pic feedingcannibal posted, with a RAS II. [img]home.earthlink.net/~whitman/ACCESSORIES.JPG[/img] My new project will wear a FF MRE RAS and TA31. If I had known then what I know now, I would have skipped the TA01NSN. It was in vogue 2 years ago, since then many of its deficiencies have been revealed and many people are switching over to BAC equipped ACOGs. That said, I like my TA01NSN, I just think it belongs to a 20" barreled rifle, not a short range compact weapon.
Link Posted: 9/2/2003 5:49:56 AM EST
I'll have to second what Duffy said about the TA01-NSN. Now that I have two BAC acogs, I think my NSN will be for sale. I never even shot with it; I mounted it and was unimpressed at night. Daytime looks like it would be good at a range shooting paper targets, but for what I need, only BAC (or bright red Comp M/EoTech) will fill the bill. I was fooled into thinking that if the military uses it, it must be good and do everything I need. It didn't.
Link Posted: 9/2/2003 11:19:32 AM EST
thanks for all the info guys, and nice rifle duffy. ACOG certainly looks sharp, i'll give it that.
Link Posted: 9/2/2003 3:36:34 PM EST
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