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Posted: 4/16/2006 4:25:39 AM EDT
I'm going to buy my first (and most probably the last) AR15 rifle.
I'm not restricted by pre-ban and postban US laws. (I'm restricted by local FUBAR laws)
In result
I want M4 like rifle for range plinking (50m-100m) using iron sights.
When I saw the M4 in real I was a bit disapointed. The handguard is too short. 14,5" barrel looks ugly also. handguard
What do you think about CAR 4pos. buttstock? Is it noticeably better or worse than 6 pos. M4 buttstock.

My configuration is this:
CAR 4 pos. buttstock, Hogue pistol grip, A2 upper, 16" inch barrel, CAR handguard, A2 sights, A2 flashider.
Any comments?

Thank you for your help.

Link Posted: 4/16/2006 5:07:38 AM EDT
      AR's are somewhat similar to cars. They come in all sorts of brands,sizes,and shapes.Depending on what uses you have for it,local availability and price, what "looks" or "feels" right to you,you are going to make different choices.
      I am quite sure that if you buy jut one AR and are completely satisfied with it and how you get it set up you will be in a very small minority.  
       Have a long talk with yourself and try to think how you will be doing most of your shooting,then try to find the gun that will match best. Sounds simple!
Link Posted: 4/16/2006 8:20:36 AM EDT
"1st and Last" dont ever mix w/ ARs or 1911s

yes--thats the "Midlength" version--great overall AR; its carbine size, but you get several 'benefits' such as a slightly longer sight radius, decreased parts wear, better/cooler stylish look
only problem is some parts availablity and a lack of manufactue selection for the setup--the best ones for the price is RRA

the CAR 4pos stock is more compact--same length tubes (roughly), but its got less base/butt area; i prefer the M4 6 pos stocks, expecially for middys and non-compact ARs
best stocks out there imo are the MagPuls M93s, but those are pretty pricey....

your build sounds great!  h/w, i would not get the A2 upper....i'd get an A3/flatop upper so you will have a LOT more options later on to mount optics/BUISs, etc while mainating a good cheek weld--you can always add on a A3 carry handle to give it that A2 look

oh, and Welcome to the site!

btw: you got a link to CZE (Chech, right?) laws on ARs/guns?

good luck
Link Posted: 4/16/2006 10:42:38 AM EDT
To the "1st and last" it's because the AR15 are expensive - simple A2 starts at ~$1450...

Yes, the A3 is more versatile, but for me is AR15 something more than rifle and A3 is too far to the M16 legend. hooting
Because of my shooting ability, any scope / red dot is not worth to me. I have to learn shoot using the iron sights. Simple rifle is eqal to my skills. h.gif

The laws here are somehow complicated, but I don't know any EN link.
AR15 are expensive because US gov. banned the export of the AR15 rifles. So I can only get Dlask Arms and Oberland Arms (both probably unknown in USA).

Here you can get two permissions for a weapon. (you have to pass the theoretical/practical exam, apporval from doctor and have clean criminal index)
1) Own a weapon.
2) Carry a weapon.

In case 1) you must have the weapon, magazine and ammo separated. (Except on range)
In case 2) you can carry a weapon loaded. Only concealed carry is allowed.

A weapon must not be full auto anyway. Registered parts of the weapon are frame, barrel, slide, cylinder (if the exists). Only FMJ bullets are allowed for defense.
Link Posted: 4/16/2006 12:26:48 PM EDT
ok, i guess i can see the price issues (i forgot about that outside the US); but i bet that you will get another one after this one eventually

well there is nothing wrong w/ an A2 and irons are great to work on for any shooter

do you know the laws on building an AR, or are there further complications/costs, like imoprtation taxes/restrictions on AR parts?
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