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Posted: 10/5/2004 11:26:25 AM EDT
I'm picking up an EO Tech 512.A65

Never thought I'd have another A2, but I couldn't pass this deal up.

What is the best way to co-witness this optic with my iron sights?

No experience with Bennie Coolie forward carry handle mounts, scares me a little that you can adjust it in height (more moving parts), but they seem to "stand" behind their product with their warranty.

No experience with PRI mounts, but they look like a "stand up" company as well.

Any experience with these two companies?

I have a A.R.M.S #2 mount that I never got rid of, but I don't want to set the optic on the carry handle, and I've read (some from this site) that the EO Tech may have an issue on repeat zero if removed.

I also have an Aimpoint/A.R.M.S 22M68H set up on an A3 flat top.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to throw the EO tech on the flat top, and vise versa with the Aimpoint on the A2 (yes, I've read the in depth "discussions" onthis site between EO Tech and Aimpointhere
I see that Larue has a mount for the EO tech, but is there a "set up" where I can mount the EO Tech with the Laru to co-witness with iron sights on a forward carry handle mount (with an A.R.M.S mount as well?) Otherwise, the Larue would only be good for the flat top to help the repeat zero issue.

Ultimately, I may not be able to "switch" both optice between guns (A2/A3) due to the hight difference between both optics and co-witness them both (Aimpoint/EO Tech) with the A2 iron sights, but I would at least to see what my "best option" would be.

Any experience or input would greatly be appreciative.

(where is the word check in this place?)

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