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Posted: 12/2/2007 12:28:18 PM EDT

new del-ton fired first time friday. the input needed covering several areas. what i have is a del-ton kit rifle, m4 config., 16" barrel length, 1x9 barrel twist, barrel chrome lined.

ammo fires was 25 rds. of commerical cases loaded with 55gr. fmj win. bulk bullet, 24.5 h335 and 25 mil. case (l.c.) loaded with 55gr. fmj win. bulk bullet, 24.5 h335. comm. load speed was 2850, mil. case speed was 2890.

question/input needed. have a large amount of h335, so any reloads will be with h335. to anyone using h335, any input on bullet selection other than 55gr. fmj.? accuracy with the comm cases was not near as good as the mil. cases. mil. case gave @ 1.5-2.0 " groups.

with mil. load above, a 55gr fmj bullet will be 2700fps at 50yds, per my ballistic program.

trigger feels like it's very light, two stage, but is mushie at best. don't need a fancy trigger. any suggestions? will simply replacing the trigger spring help or does more needed replacing?

any other suggestions or input in enhance what i have?

thank for any input.


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