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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/4/2005 11:30:38 AM EDT
i dont have a sling yet for any of my 6 ar's. im not an operator or anything like that just a poser that wants to look cool. id like to work on some sling drills at the range. transitioning from holding the weopon to a firing position. i wont be using it for patrole or hunting or anything like that. the one im lookng to outfit is a m4 with a kac ris and a m4 buttstock. it looks to be that the HK style clips are preaty popular. why is mount better ,or is it, over the standard 1 1/4 webing. i havent seen many options for a front mount point for the Hk clips. ive seen the larue but i dont know how study that would be. it looks to be preaty thin up there and could be banged up quite easily. im looking to replace the receiver plate [the one that holds the detent pin in place] on my butstock for the rear mounting point. i like the kac mount for the quick detach swivles if i go with the 1 1/4. the blueforce package looks sweet cause it hase all the different ends to mount and can be anykind of point i want.
Link Posted: 9/5/2005 1:38:23 AM EDT
I don't own an AR yet, but I like the HKtype mount option. I will be ordering a SOC-C Contractor Pak and will be using the HKtype mounts for my weapon hookup.

CQD has a Pic rail mount for the front and a rear mount plate for the AR with collapsible stock.


Many places carry these mount options so contact you regular dealer and see if they can get this for you or order straight from CQD.

What type of sling are you going to settle on, 3, 2 or 1 point? I think that will be the deciding factor when it comes to the type of mount you would like to use.

Link Posted: 9/7/2005 7:54:12 PM EDT
Prior to the sunset a year ago - remember that? We have been liberated 1 fuckin year almost to date ...Anyway I got into the HK clips to use on my 'Entry' stock I put an adapter on that had a ring because I used an adapter then switched it to a slot when the 'Ban' sunset because I could own a collapsable stock then I tried the YHM version with both ...if you are left handed that piece blocks your forward assist but who needs it til you do right ? And if your right handed it protrudes too far and digs into the webbing on your hand - bring on the Dremel...
The slotted sling adapter with 1-1/4 inch webbing seemed to hold my weapon the same as the loop version with the same width sling but it did not transition very well - the Troy sinlge point sling adapter may be the answer to that but it seems too low under the weapon which may cause weapon rollover - I dunno - I'll prolly get jumped on for that but...And the loop was stiff also with the HK clip facing muzzle to butt so I took a QD sling adapter pried the loop off of it Dremeled it down banged it into an oblong shape prettied it up and hammerered it home onto the loop adapter - sorry no pictures not a team member-yet. It allows the weapon to swing more freely not being bound up by the sling in the slot or the stress on the the HK clip in the loop. Another advantage for me is that the added loop allows my sling ( a 1.25"CQD HST ...a 1inch HK clip will slide on tight ) to hang another half inch or so away from the weapon and my hand doesn't get tangled with the sling during transition drills or off hand shooting or twist the sling ... just a word insert the knee pads in your BDU's and hang a weapon catch on your belt .
I talked to a guy at Spec-Ops a while back his name is Casey he had some dents in his helmet but he unequivocably swore that the 3 point sling with the bungee section is the hottest ticket if your are going to play hard, its their Enforcer CQB sling but as I was talking to him I was not yet in receipt of the CQD HST I had just ordered days earliers so ... I'll never know but maybe somebody out there does ...
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