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Posted: 9/7/2008 9:52:38 AM EDT
Went to the range today. On the last round I removed the magazine and put another one in. Hit the bolt catch with the palm of my hand then nothing. The bolt catch was solid as a rock. Tried to remove the magazine and it is stuck. Even tried to rock it back and forth and it won't budge. In looking into the chamber the back of the mag is higher then the front. Hit the forward assist and nothing.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Link Posted: 9/7/2008 10:17:08 AM EDT
You shouldn't be hitting the forward assist.  You've managed to insert the magazine too far.  Pull the charging handle (and thus the bolt) back while you pull the magazine out.  It'll catch on the mag catch.  You can then release the bolt and remove the magazine normally.  

At least that's what it sounds like.  A picture would help.  Have you tried to separate the upper from the lower?

Link Posted: 9/7/2008 10:43:33 AM EDT
Thank, I tried to do what you suggested but the magazine is still locked in. I also did try earlier to remove the upper from the lower and it  would not budge. Here is a couple of pics for you.



Link Posted: 9/7/2008 11:29:35 AM EDT
I would remove the base plate and dump the mag which may relieve side tension, it appears to be inserted past the mag catch.
Link Posted: 9/7/2008 11:56:50 AM EDT
OK.  Now I see it.  You've managed to insert the magazine past the catch - which is hard to do...  First thing to do is get rid of the live rounds.  That's a dangerous condition.  Either pull the floor plate off the mag, or remove the rounds carefully.

Now remove the mag catch.  I assume you know how to do that.

Magazine should come out - but you may have to exert some force on it.  Rock it forward first and see if it'll come out.  

You need to figure out how this happened.  I've looked at my rifles and then pulled out a stripped receiver.  It isn't possible to insert a magazine like that unless you REALLY try.  It *should* stop on the bolt catch at the very last.  Either the magazine is somehow bad, the bolt catch is somehow bad...

I've even dropped rifles on their magazines and I've never had a stoppage like that.  There's a defect somewhere.

Another thought...  Were you pressing the mag release button when you inserted the new mag?  

No matter what the cause, get those live rounds out of your way, and then remove the mag catch.  That should do it.  Let us know what you find when you get it apart.

Link Posted: 9/7/2008 5:28:33 PM EDT
Shane and bullsi

Thank you both for your suggestions. I tried what you suggested and was not sucessfull.  I have a close friend who is a firearms instructor. He came over and was able to remove the mag by removing the pressure of the mag with a dowl pin. He had seen this before and was not surprised when he removed the mag. It was a defective mag. Picture is attached. You will notice the top right side is not smooth. In fact it is banged up. I had ordered them from a place that has prices cheaper then dirt thinking I was getting a bargain. As my friend said, better to find out now instead of if you really need to use it. I will be more carefull in what I buy and inspect each and everyone of my mags from here on out. Again thanks for your help.

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