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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/21/2003 12:52:13 PM EST
in my local paper tampa trib by jim vandehei the washington post. the republican controlled house will not renew the federal ban on uzis & other semiauto weapons a key leader said tueasday dealing a significant blow to the campain to clamp down on gun sales nationwide. house majority leader tom delay r-texas, said most house members are willing to let the banexpire next year. the votes are not there to continue the ban, delay said. his spokesman, stuart roy, said, we have no intension of bringing it up for avote. as majority leader, delay decides whitch bills get voted on in house. because the 1994 assult weapons ban expires next year, the house & senate must pass legislation renewing it by sept 13 2004. if cong fails to act, the ak47 and 18 other types of semiaoto weapons that were outlawed by clinton and a democracic-controlled congress a decade ago would bre leagal again, handing a major victoy to the nra and other gun rights groups. past votes and nra survey of lawmakers b4 the 2002 elections suggest a majority of house members oppose the bans renewal, gop officals said. but several repubs who requested anonymity said some progun gop leaders worry that if members are forced into a rollcall vote, they might switch under pressure from guncontrol advocates. pres bush , whose support of the ban dates to his 200 campaign, has drawn rebukes from nra members and some gop lawmakers. but several repubs close to the white house said bush has no plans to lobby lawmakers aggressively to extend the ban. that would allow him to offically oppose the nra without completely turing against the powerful gun lobby by fighting hard to maintain a ban on semiauto weapons. the white house seems to think the bill will never reach the pres. desk, said a recent alert sent to members of the gunowners of america, aprogun group with close ties to repubs. at least this is what top officals are counting on. in pursuing this statagy, they are trying to please both sides and are playing a very dangerous game. congressional repubs said congress will renew the ban only if bush publicly and firmly insts. if pres demaNDS WE PASS IT, THAT WOULD CHANGE THE DYNAMICS Considerablly, said a house gop leadership aide. the white house does not want us to vote. in a letter to bush, rep ron paul r-texas said it is now time 4 us to stand up against the unconstitutional gun grabbing and help our nation in this time of great need by allowing law abiding citizens to use the weapon of ther choice. its unclear how much presure bush and congressional repbs will be under to bring up the volatile gun issue, especially in the 2004 election year. although many leading senate and house democpaps are pushinglegislation to renew the ban, the issue is not sharply partisan. many ruraL AND SOUTHERN DEMOCRATES, INCLUDING A FEW WHO VOTED 4 THE BAN IN 1994, OPPOSE ITS RENEWAl, reflecting a notable shift in the politics of guns over the past decade. an aide to a senate democrate who voted 4 the ban in 1994 and faces reelection next year said many democrates hope it never comes up. 5-14 2003
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:24:30 PM EST
why did post clump together?
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 4:08:03 PM EST
Did you hit the enter key when you wanted to end a paragraph?
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 6:26:45 PM EST
Yep, the gun ban was the end of the line for the demos"I-want-to-mess-with-your-freedoms" run. I would hate to see where we would be in slick willys side kick had been elected. did it cost them the White House? how many seats in the house and sen? I would not vote for bush again in 2004 if he renews this ban.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 8:31:50 PM EST
This is good info, but EVERY one must become active if we are to prevent the AWB from being renewed or worse strengthened. I wrote this and sent this e-mail to Pres. Bush and to Congress: May 15, 2003 Dear President Bush, Please do all that you are able to do to prevent those attempting to re-authorize the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”. It is clear that this is an attempt to control the people, not guns, and to take away the people’s ability to be responsible citizens. It is a paternalistic desire of those trying to pass this controlling law. They have only succeeded in controlling the law abiding citizenry; they have not impaired criminals in any way, nor will this new attempt do so. I also see this as an effort by the freedom-hating people to create a new class of citizens to be envied, as Law Enforcement personal will be able to retain and purchase their weapons as they wish. Thank you for your time and help. I strongly suggest that we all continue to make our position known to Congress as well as Pres. Bush. If not we are asking for more and worse legislation. Don’t become complacent and allow the likes of Chucky Cheese Schumer and Di Fi Feinstein to win.
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