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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 2/28/2006 8:50:08 PM EDT
I'm sure I want a laser and flashlight on my AR-15, just trying to figure out how to put it all together. My rifle has the regular old carry handle, front sight post, plastic handguards, and I've also got an old Surefire 6P light. I want a pressure switch for the laser, and the laser can stay installed all the time. The light I want to be able to easily take off and put on.

My first idea was to get a light mount that clamps into the front sight post, and put a laser on the right side, and my 6P on the left.

Then I saw the OTAL laser and how it can fit behind the sight post. It looks good, but I wonder. . . Does it make sense to mount one of those to a plastic handguard? I just don't know if that would be stable enough. Plus I would have to move the flashlight somewhere else, or it would block the beam. Well, I'm sure there are lots of other places to put a light.

Just wondering if you folks had any suggestions? How would you set up something like this?
Link Posted: 3/1/2006 11:35:51 AM EDT
You're right about the plastic foreend being unstable. You'll never get a laser to hold Point of Impact if you mount it on your plastic hand guards. This is critical IMHO.

You can buy something like the SureFire Aluminum Rail Fore Ends for around $200 and then the options are unlimited. If not you're pretty much going to be limited to just mounting your light on the front sight base. Without a Vertical Fore Grip (that needs a rail syatem to be properly mounted) trying to run a light and laser would be very "User Unfriendly".

A 6P needs a modification or you it have difficulty standing up long term to the recoil of an AR. Sure Fire makes a Z32 Shock Bezel that should be installed to alleviate any problem. The 6P is NOT a Combat Light, but it can be adapted to Combat use.

Let's say you're going to get a rail system...

The OTAL is a very good and expensive proposition. I have a LDI LAS/TAC laser with pressure pad that is going to get put in a LaRue 1" Offset mount on my top rail. (Right now it's in a VLTOR mount) It is a poor mans OTAL as it will, like the OTAL not be in line with the FSB, but the toal cost is around $300.00. I have had very good luck with my LAS/ TAC. Over 2800 rounds and no failures of any lind.

I have a SF M96XXX in a Larue offset mount that is activated by my weak hand thumb from my vertical Fore Grip. You can mount your 6P the same way in the LaRue 1" Offset mount that is coming soon.

There really are countless ways to rig your AR with Lights and Lasers. You, like many of us will have to experiment for what suits your needs and budget.


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