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Posted: 2/26/2007 4:42:56 AM EST
I recently built my first ar and opted for the 5.56 chamber.

with the lack of 5.56.

do yo guys think if we did a group buy so to speak for 5.56 ammo and approached

remington, federal, winchester or black hills with an large order they would fill it.

does anyone manage a retail store that stocks ammo?

i think we could easily order 100 thousand rounds.

just a thought.
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 4:49:56 AM EST
I like the idea... tagging
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 5:40:35 AM EST
I'd be interested in a few K.
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 5:52:24 AM EST
From my understanding, it's been tried before and it was a disaster.

folks arguing over which bullet length/weight.

bullet type BTHP, OTM, FMJ.

to crimp the case neck or not.

to crimp the primer pocket or not.

a bullet cannelure or not.

at what velocity they should chrono at.

etc. etc. etc.

I believe HSM, kind of did a "group buy" type deal here. From what I read in the resulting thread, it was a nightmare for HSM and some of the members here.
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 5:53:45 AM EST
I'm in for a couple of boxes!
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 5:59:38 AM EST
I'd be in for a couple cases if it was plinking ammo (not match grade stuff).

And if that was the case (plinking/SHTF ammo) we can go with something that everyone can shoot/likes like 5.56 55gr FMJ or something.

Link Posted: 2/26/2007 6:02:49 AM EST
I would think that if you keep it simple...like FMJ ammo only, there would be any room for BS. Either participate or don't...
Link Posted: 2/26/2007 6:03:16 AM EST
[Last Edit: 2/26/2007 6:03:16 AM EST by Zhukov]
Please contact Sr. Staff about group buys. This doesn't belong in the ammo forum though. Sorry.
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