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Posted: 10/21/2004 4:09:38 PM EDT
Yeah, it's a Bushmaster. 2-3K rds or so.

Anyhow, I was curious if anyone has used JB Weld on those screws and if it held up to the heat?

Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:14:22 PM EDT
I would strongly advise against it. I would use LocTite on them.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:18:37 PM EDT
Tighten them down, and STAKE THEM. I'm not big on chemical solutions when a mechanical solution is available instead.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:23:36 PM EDT
Stake them in two opposing places.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:26:56 PM EDT
Loctite cannot be counted on to hold.
FWIW, I just went to a carbine sourse where I was told nail polish would hold up to heat much better.

I will probably order some new screws and stake it. Just curious. I really have to wonder if the JB Weld would hold up better than staking. Afterall, they were already staked.

Anyone got pics of how exactly to do this? I'm not really interested in beating the shit out of this thing every year to get the screws to hold.

Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:28:20 PM EDT

Originally Posted By drjarhead:
.... Afterall, they were already staked.

Obviously not properly. BM uses a machine to do their staking and they had some issues with it not staking deep enough.
Link Posted: 10/21/2004 4:32:40 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Forest:

Obviously not properly.

Indeed. Correct Staking would not come loose.
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