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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/25/2006 3:59:03 PM EST
now in my orignal post i said i could do about 2 inches with my m1 carbine. i think a real good shot with open sights on a real good rifle that the shooter is used to should be able to do .5 moa consistantly. some people here said 3 to 4 inches is real good, and i just did 3 to 4 inches on an m1 carbine after not shooting for a year. this is with out match sights, ammo or trigger, its all as issue stuff. here is my carbine, its an underwood dated 43.

so today after not shooting for over a year, i went shooting. well i am certainly out of practice. i took pics of the targets. just so you know the rifle was shot off of the bench, supported by an ammo can with a jacket on it. the groups you will see are after about a 100 rounds of plinking ... ie not really trying. the first pic is my first try, the second pic is my second, the third is the third. i lost a a round on the third, i called it but did not think it was off the paper. also for some stupid reason the sight was set on 200 yards, for the second so it hit high, but i caught it before the third. all ammo was federal 30 carbine, and there is a 223 round for size reference.

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