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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/7/2010 4:50:32 PM EST
I'm wondering who here uses cheap crappy ammo for 3-gun. I'm considering buying some wolf or other crappy/dirty/ill thought of russian ammo for use in my plinker/3-gun AR.

I'm not that good at 3-gun. I don't spend much money on it. I merely shoot a stock Colt 20'' A2 and mossberg shotgun. My local matches have an optional pistol stage, so I can get by without one (I'm under 21 and too broke to buy locally anyway).

I've made my choice for high power competition ammo, which my dad will most likely supply me. But, I'm still in need of 3-gun ammo. Will the wolf 62 grain full metal jacket ammo be accurate enough to hit LaRue pop-up targets at 300 meters? The targets are typically "headshot" plates at 100-150 and LaRues from 200-300. I'm thinking 3 MOA ammo should work fine, though I can't recall the larue target dimensions.

If wolf won't work for long range, what are other options for low priced, decent ammo? I plan on having NRA highpower ammo (prvi partizan 75 grain), long range 3-gun (something not as costly as prvi) and shortrange (cheapest I can find).
Link Posted: 9/7/2010 4:52:54 PM EST
From what I've read, the TAP training ammo is pretty good.
Link Posted: 9/7/2010 5:19:07 PM EST
All the local 3 gun is a max of 100yds. I use Wolf or whatever cheap I can find....it works fine for those distances
Link Posted: 9/11/2010 2:35:06 AM EST
I use the Hornady 75gr Training Ammo for long range stages and the 55gr Training Ammo for short range stages (<100 yards).
Link Posted: 9/11/2010 2:15:44 PM EST
I keep some Silver Bear (223) and Wolf (308) around for close hosing stages, which most matches have some of. With prices coming back down, it is not as enticing, but I am shooting more 3gun now that there is a match with real rifle bays so I need to evaluate my plan.

I am not a great shot, so 3-4 MOA cheap ammo on top of my skill is not a comfortable combination. My regular 223 and 308 ammo is more 1-ish MOA but not by me, at a match.

I'm thinking 3 MOA ammo should work fine, though I can't recall the larue target dimensions.

Larue dimensions are about the size of a human head and shoulders. 3 MOA at 300 yds = 9", so, it should work, barely.

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