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Posted: 8/26/2008 12:08:59 PM EDT
Carbine uppers are ready to be shipped or have been shipped. Full length following soon. It's about time!
Link Posted: 8/27/2008 8:08:30 AM EDT
Who's going to take the plunge, buy one, and post a review?

Link Posted: 8/28/2008 5:47:32 AM EDT
The 20" interests me. I don't think I'd want to go shorter than 20 inches of barrel with this round.

I just ordered another JT 223 upper so I'll have to wait 4-5 weeks. I really like reading some reviews also.
Link Posted: 8/28/2008 7:29:28 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 8/28/2008 8:43:33 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Cold:

Originally Posted By fnfal_308:
Who's going to take the plunge, buy one, and post a review?

Id love to see a review with pics and groups with diff ammo, this site rarely gets a good review from the 6,5 G guys and I hope someone does a good write up and posts it.

Same here, especially the 20 inch when they come out. I only have AR15's chambered in 9mm,204,223 and as a reloader the 6.5 and 6mm WOA uppers interest me as something with a bit more punch for whitetails out to 200-250yds.
Link Posted: 8/29/2008 5:14:01 AM EDT
well, i ordered a 20" upper about a month ago. hoping to get it in the next few weeks. ill take plenty of pics but ull have to wait for a performance review. sadly i have an RRA Entry Tactical and a pile of others that havent been shot yet. blame it on work and women!
Link Posted: 8/29/2008 7:13:47 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/29/2008 7:56:18 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/29/2008 7:59:18 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/29/2008 2:18:50 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/29/2008 2:20:17 PM EDT by KurtsKustom]
No, it's AR15-based. I developed my 6mm-30 Rem 20 years ago. Nothing's new.

KKF 6mm/30Rem
Circa 1992. KKF wildcat based on a shortened 30 Remington case, This gives power way out in front of the 6x45, another KKF favorite and also actively chambered here at KKF for the AR15.

Home of the KKF M9EvoM4

Link Posted: 9/5/2008 8:12:43 PM EDT
ill gladly review it once it's delivered. i plan on ordering some wolf mpt really soon so i can test it out
Link Posted: 9/5/2008 10:27:39 PM EDT
Kurt I love your stuff.  Always on the cutting edge only a few years before anyone else. You are so right about there is nothing new if it uses a brass case gun powder and swagged bullets.    Ditto on the case necked to 6 or 5.56mm. These are real screamers
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