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Posted: 9/2/2004 9:54:24 PM EDT
I saw some cci green tags for sale at wally world for $2 per 100rds and bought some...
any of you guys tried these bullets and is it accurate enough to be called "competition ammo"?
Link Posted: 9/5/2004 9:53:07 AM EDT
I did the same-wally must be getting out of the green tag biz
I have tried them on and off as in my experience all .22's have a preference for certain ammo's
They are of course a homerun at $2 a hundred and as standard vel ammo shoot pretty good in most guns.
I have found them to be only slightly better than CCI std vel which is one of my favorite ammo's. Around my neck standards are usually $4.00 to 4.50 a 100 plastic box. (did get a case for 180 out the door-my best deal in a while. This equals 3.60 a hundred so you see your $2 is a steal )
Green tag usually won't outshoot Fed 711 or Wolf MT which both run about $30 a brick
Green tag usually goes for a crazy $9 for a hundred.
Most .22's will shoot much tighter groops with the std vel ammo although the lack of power isn't great for hunting and many semi auto guns are more reliable with the high vel stuff.
A great deal in ammo you don't hear as much about is PMC ZAPPER.I find it local or mailorder for about $16-$17 a brick and it outshoots most any high velocity stuff.In my 10/22T (a real tackdriver)the ammo that outshoots everything is PMC SCOREMASTER.This stuff is tough to find but a great deal at around $25 a brick
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 10:01:29 AM EDT
In some guns it might be accurate enough. I have shot Green tag in my Anschutz, but Eley Target (brown box) will leave it in the dust on 50 yard groups. Every rifle is an individual, so you will have to test and compare. Have fun.
Link Posted: 9/8/2004 12:44:27 PM EDT
I believe the general feeling on RimfireCentral.com is that Green Tags aren't worth their hideous price. They shoot okay in most guns but if you shop and test you can almost always find something that a particular gun likes that shoots better and costs a lot less. But at 2c a shot I'd be testing them myself.
Link Posted: 9/16/2004 10:24:12 AM EDT
I've only bought 200 rounds of Green Tag so far; as mentioned above, I found them on "clearance" at walmart, although they still cost $4.50 a hundred.

They worked fine, but not enough better than my regular Remington 38-grain subsonics that I'm going to change, especially when I can get the Remingtons for $1.89/50 every day, and I don't have a steady supply of Green Tags at a reasonable price. Nine dollars a hundred isn't going to work for me for .22 shells; I could shoot 5.56 for not much more than that...
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