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Posted: 11/3/2009 3:12:41 AM EST
i have a Noveske stainless Recon upper on the way. I'll be shooting 0-200 yds. My other ar15 has an aimpoint t-1. I want some magnification this time and this upper is obviously worthy (not sure if I am). I can get a Trijicon TR24G with Larue mount now or save up in the Spring for something like a Nightforce 2.5-10, IOR or Swarovski 1-6. I'm not sure whether I want to set this rifle up as a versatile recce type or put more magnification on it and shoot for groups.
Also, if I go 1-4ish and buy now, the Meopta and Leupold mk4 1.5-5 are considerations. 1-4 after saving-NF 1-4 or Elcan 1/4 DR
What should I do?
Link Posted: 11/3/2009 4:39:47 AM EST
If you have to wait to buy an optic is that gorgeous upper going to be sitting around unused? Fuck that!

Get the TR24 w/ a LaRue mount now. If you aren't happy with it down the road, save your pennies and replace with with a NF or a Swaro. You'll be able to sell the TR24 on the EE and get a good chunk of your money back, and of course you'll already have a top notch mount for whatever scope you go with later.
Link Posted: 11/3/2009 6:58:24 AM EST
There'll be a set of troys on it already so I can still shoot it. I do hate to wait fo wait for an optic but didn't want to rush into something. The tr24 does look pretty sweet though.

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Link Posted: 11/3/2009 8:06:26 AM EST
i just bought the combo!
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