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Posted: 9/25/2004 1:57:18 PM EDT
I am going to replace my stolen kit-gun M-4. Which was a Essential Arms pre-ban lower and bushmaster pre-ban M-4 upper. Which one is the all around best M-4 ? Should I go with Bushmaster patrol M-4 or a Colt LE6920. How importion is the M-4 upper and which one is better in the long run to hold up with out breaking down and the most accuracy and which has the best finish on the guns? And will the Colt shoot wolf ammo, the bush would. PLEASE HELP ME! THANK YOU!
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 2:07:46 PM EDT
the Colt LE6920 may be hard for you to get because people are buying them up faster that all the dealers I know can get them. I just got back from the Dallas gun show and saw some nice bush, and also some nice bushmaster m4s there. i did see some Colt a2 govt carbines, but no 6920.
It sure did look good to see all those new Bushmasters with all the goods on them.
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 2:18:26 PM EDT
Availability may be an issue, but the Colt is the better of the two for reasons listed previously on this forum. FWIW, my Bushmaster M4A3 had numerous flaws from the factory, including an unstaked gas key, overtorqued barrel, out-of-spec. magwell, and nagging functional problems. All issues could have been addressed by their warranty/repair department, but I wound up selling it toa friend who wanted a project. The carbine runs well now after tweaking. My Colt MT6400 M4 has been a flawless performer through 2600 rounds with little real cleaning (boresnake now and then, drop of CLP here and there).

Many people have had great success with Bushmaster M4's. My impression is that those with Colts are happier still.

As always, buy what you like, buy what you want, then shoot, Shoot, SHOOT!

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