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Posted: 12/26/2003 10:16:51 AM EDT
hello all!  I love this site.  I am currently working on my first build.  I have several questions that I havent seen on here lately.  I am wanting to build a ar with a low recoil.  I have a buddy that build one from jp parts.  It hass the recoil of a .22.  Wow.  he went with the low mass bolt carrier and a barrel from jp. 1). I was wondering what you all thought of their barrels and using a RRA lower. 2)How are there uppers compared to JP? I want to get a easy pull trigger also but I dont want a two stage trigger.  any ideas?  .  I will probabally compete some with the gun but also want to just have a all around gun.  I currenly own a Colt Match Target H bar and I just bought a M4 replica from Bushmaster. Ilike the colt but it seem to me that bushmaster is made better.  Have you all noticed that bushmaster quality might be better than a Colt?  thank you all so much for your replys.  Have a great new YEAR.  
Link Posted: 12/27/2003 4:48:57 AM EDT
1) don't know anything about their barrels, you might want to do a search.  An RRA lower should be just fine. 2) don't know anything about JP uppers, are you sure they are made by JP?  I just built a rifle using an RRA upper and its just fine.  I like the accuracy speaks trigger but it depends on what kind of competition you will be doing.  I would suggest that if you are building a competition rifle you build it just for competion and use one of your others for defensive purposes, if that is what you meant by "all around gun".  I like colt better than bushmaster, ford over chevy, jim beam bourbon.  What did you notice about your bushmaster that leads you to believe that its quality is better than colt?
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