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Posted: 9/30/2004 8:20:28 PM EDT
Yea, bought this stuff at a shop in baker florida. It says made in spain and labeled with a sticker saying fabrica palencia. The shop owner claims it is 62 grain AP with a steel core. He stuck a magnet to the bullet projectile and it stuck. I know it has at least some kind of iron in it. The ammo looks good and is a little more expensive than normal... I did note the bullet tips were sharper than most. It does have a circled plus on the headstamp. This seems to be older than I like...93 models, but they are sealed at the primer with green sealant. Box has a pic of a sword with the letters S B on the pic, sword pointed down seperating the letters. also say INI below the pic. Anyone have any real info on what I bought?

Link Posted: 9/30/2004 10:26:47 PM EDT

What ya have is what is more commonly known in general terms as "Santa Barbera" ammo.

I have a couple cases left from 2 years ago when it was cheap.

Here's the skinny.

Good ammo for the most part. Definately safe to shoot.
Accuracy is NOT quite as good as LC M855 in most rifles, though some are the odd kid who actually likes eating Brussel sprouts.


Weak case rims have been a very common complaint with some lots of Santa Barbera.
The extractor literally tries to pull the spent casing from the chamber, the case rim fails, or partially fails, and a double feed results.

Have had this happen several times with SB 62gr ammo in several different platforms, and under varying conditions.

Potential issues if you care.

The SB 62gr projectile is NOT the same as the US M855 and does NOT act like M855 in impact.

In short, I'm to the point of occaisionally remembering the SB stash and burning it up when I remember it's there for short range practice on paper targets, and general movement while firing drills.
It's almost like having a buddy load a couple of dummy rounds in your mag for practicing malfunction drills.

Devils advocate statement.

While general concensus of the SB has been poor in nature, some folks have gotten lucky with "Good lots" of SB, and have had no problems.

Murphy hates my Guts and is quite malicious about reminding me, that I ain't one of the lucky ones.
I hope that you are.

If not, remember the proper drill.

Tap the mag, pull the charging handle to the rear, observe the chamber, Notice the double feed while moving to cover(Or getting lower into it), lock the bolt to the rear, Forcibly remove the mag, clear the action, dry cycle 2-3 times to get the spent case out if possible, reinsert mag, release bolt and press on!!!

I really hope you got a good lot.
If it wasn't for the rim failures, this stuff would be excellent practice ammo!!!

Bets of luck!

IN the world of Vulcanizing, does one have to marry into the title of "Lord" or is it granted by the almighty alchemy dept?

Link Posted: 9/30/2004 11:06:29 PM EDT
What S-28 said.

I bought 2000 rounds a while ago. I did not have any trouble until I hit the second case. During the first case, a buddy gave me an additional 800 rounds because he was averaging an FTE every 25 rounds. I only average one every 40 rounds now and only use it in my plinker AR that has a chromed chamber. Keeping the chamber scrubbed absolutely clean seems to help.

I wish you luck. But sometimes the clearing drill does not work because the case rim is completely ripped off. Thus, while keeping the muzzle down range, break down your rifle and pull the bolt/carrier. Further, while keeping the muzzle still down range, eject the casing that failed to extract with a cleaning rod.

My kids call this stuff the civil war ammo for obvious reasons. I only have another 400 rounds to go.

Also, do the scroungers a favor by warning them not to even mess with the brass.
Link Posted: 9/30/2004 11:48:56 PM EDT
"Civil war ammo"

Ya just gotta love the kids and their sense of clarity!!!!!!

Art Linkletter would be proud!!!!

Just to add to the precautions.

Give any stuck (While on the range) casing at least 10 Min. before rodding it out.

There is no way to tell if it is in fact a hangfire.

"Stuff" happens, make sure it only happens to other people.


Link Posted: 10/1/2004 1:40:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/1/2004 1:41:53 AM EDT by Lord_Vulcanizer]

IN the world of Vulcanizing, does one have to marry into the title of "Lord" or is it granted by the almighty alchemy dept?

That's just damn funny as hell dude. Thanks for the info guys, luckily I have only gotten a little bit of this stuff and asked members the real deal...a good move on my part.

As far as Lord_Vulcanizer goes that was what I named my pilot years back when I used to play Xwing vs. Tie Fighter. First it was just plain Vulcanizer but as I played it a lot I got real good with it and I had to rename my pilot. I flew for the dark side and rebel pilots hate to be 'vulcanized'. I was the lord of it Hence 'Lord_Vulcanizer'


edit=poor spellin
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