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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/8/2003 7:52:49 PM EST
How long should one expect the batteries in a surefire m952 to work if basically left dormant? With no over use other than a spot here and there at night?

Link Posted: 9/8/2003 9:17:16 PM EST
The P60 Lamp Assembly is rated at 65 Lumens for 60 minutes. SF123A batteries have the ability to recover their charge somewhat if left after use. If all you use the M95 for it very short bursts of quick flashes of light then you should get a good hour of use out of each set of batteries. It is important that you disable the WeaponLight for storage and transportation. The TailCap of the M95 can be backed off to "lock it out". Your question reads like you're about to add "because my set of batteries died after a couple minutes use" Is this what happened? Thanks Al
Link Posted: 9/9/2003 6:09:13 PM EST
I've been using a set for 3 years now.
Link Posted: 9/9/2003 6:47:43 PM EST
The lithium batteries these lights use have a shelf life of about 10 years. BAsically, if you get a fresh set of batteries and never use them, they will about the same amount of juice left in them as when you got them a decade ago.
Link Posted: 9/9/2003 7:15:12 PM EST
Thanks Gentlemen! I figured as all lithium batts. they would last forever but wasn't sure if sitting in the light whether or not they would drain quickly since....... Size15s, Yep I was gonna add mine pooped out after a months use (very little use). I could not get the pressure pad switch to turn the light on. Upon closer inspection (as always) I realized the coil spring that constricts onto the battery(tail cap) end had been pushed sideways somewhat and off center when I screwed the tail cap on initially. It worked fine from the outset but I guess after repeated recoil from firing the carbine it had nudged the spring over just enough to inhibit good contact on the battery. I bent the spring back to center lightly and all is well now! Sometime just posting a problem leads you in the right direction! Thanks again! Horik
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