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Posted: 9/12/2004 11:31:21 PM EDT
Hello, I'm sorta new to this list. Just took out my AR15, which is an Oly lower mated to a no-name upper with a 12" stainless HBAR, make unk, for the first time today. It shot into about 6" at 100 yds, with black hills 55g rounds. FF tube, 4x scope. gusting 25 knots. Pretty bad, I must admit. Sure, the wind was kicking and the trigger was horrendous, but I don't think it was all the shooter's fault today.

Questions for this forum:
what type of accuracy should I expect from a stainless bbl, FF tubed upper? The bbl contour appears to be near that of the Colt HBAR bbls I've seen; that is, it's not that skinny, but certainly not a bull bbl. What type of accuracy do the normal M4 bbls get with a normal set of shorty handguards installed?

The setup I've got is rather heavy, considerably more so than a normal M4; for the weight penalty, I thought it reasonable to expect accuracy inside of 2" or maybe a bit more at 100yds. Or is this unreasonble for this type of rifle? This is the first time I'm fooling around with an AR, my normal bunch of weapons are all bolt actions.

So, I've searched the archives and didnt' find anything on accuracy expectations. What kind of accuracy do folks normally see with a normal 16" M4? With that same M4 and a FF tube? And, who makes a good, accurate stainless bbl for a reasonable price? I don't mind doing my own work.

kaipo boy

ps: I haven't got the hang of checking this forum yet. If you post a reply, could you PLEASE also cc to my email at: taniw001@hawaii.rr.com

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