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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/22/2003 6:01:03 PM EST
Got back from gun show bought RRA lower.I need help on picking out a upper.I have a BM-V match car now. Best cool upper and $$ does matter.M4?,stainless? help
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 6:18:46 PM EST
Dice, Not to be difficult, but that is like asking what is a cool car. I really like the looks of the new Mustang Mach 1, but a few of the folks I have talked to HATE them. Not to mention, if you buy what someone else wants, you may regret it. However, I just got 2 RRA NM lowers from Pete, and my plan is to get one flat top upper from ADCO with the stainless M4 profile barrel, RRA press on fake FS, slimline SIR, and some type BUIS. Hopefully for an EOTech to follow as soon as the bank account allows. Many don't like the Stainless barrel for multiple reasons. I do, and it's my money. Second project will most likely start as an accessorized RRA Varminter upper and (hopefully) the 50mm ACOG somewhere down the road. Sheesh, I'm already kicking around 3 grand here......DANG, sometimes I hate this addiction!! Doc
Link Posted: 11/22/2003 8:06:08 PM EST
If you are asking what is "In" right now, I'd say the SPR, followed by the M4 and then maybe a big bore upper. Cheapest path of the above would be the M4. It all depends on what kinda shooting you are going to do with it though. Tell us that, and we'll give you better answers.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:00:10 AM EST
I do not have any special purpose for my new ar I am building.I am using my BM to deer hunt.There is voices in my head that say build,build another I do not know what.I like a M4 to go with my BM. Thanks Dice
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:51:54 AM EST
Doc what's the reason some don't like stainless?
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 9:03:34 AM EST
I like my RRA stainless upper. Quiets the "chrome , or go home crowd", because its more accurate and easy to clean. Its probably a bit heavier that the chrome moly barrels, but I don't mind.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 9:40:00 AM EST
Check out the uppers at [url]www.cmmginc.com[/url]. They have M4 uppers with the 1/7" chrome lined barrels in 14.5" and 16" for a good price.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 11:16:52 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/23/2003 11:18:31 AM EST by WARDOG7366]
ARMALITE puts out a nice M15A4 [b](T)[/b] Carbine SS upper, although it is not light. I just put one on an Oly lower. It is quite accurate out to 300 yards but the barrel isn't broken in yet. An M4 contour would be lighter but I believe in stainless on everything but knives. My $.02 [blue][url]http://www.armalite.com/[/url][/blue]
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 11:37:06 AM EST
If you want a 16" 1:7 twist, Bushmaster is doing a special run just for ARFCOM. Talk to Hoplite for details.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 11:40:57 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/23/2003 11:41:17 AM EST by underdog75]
Or be like the Wolf(e) and hang aroung till someone give you one for free!...Now thats the Ultimate upper[;)]..........UNDERDOG
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 2:19:17 PM EST
The few comments I have heard were mainly due to the appearance of a stainless barrel on a black rifle "That doesn't look very tactical!" type stuff. Hey, I like the look, and what the heck, I don't own one yet. Good Nuff. Doc
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 3:15:19 PM EST
I plan on having John Norrell do mine as he is only a couple hours away from me. A suppressor of his is another planned projekt when I save up some $$. I don't want it black, but will go with something tactical like OD green or greenish gray. I'd love to have a MARPAT one.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 7:04:49 PM EST
www.Del-ton.com has a special on a couple of different uppers in the $360-$430 price range, mostly M4 style, though I think they are heavy profile under the handguards.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:07:38 PM EST
The ultimate upper has already been figured out. [img]http://www.btammolabs.com/images/SPRgear/gear.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 8:53:32 PM EST
Well, if you are hunting deer with it, then get a 7.62x39 upper...
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