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Posted: 9/18/2004 5:45:24 AM EDT
I wrote this a reply to Stormsurge's criticism of the PRI sight in another section, but realized, due to the time lag, that I would get a better response if I posted it here.
One of the few things I liked about my SA HK clone was its front sight, for esthetic and practical resons... I could acquire it pretty fast EXCEPT for the HK style REAR sight. Conversely, one of the things I don't like, esthetically and prectically, about the AR-15 platform is the whole sight arrangement. I hate the way the triangular front sight looks and on both of the AR15s I've owned, have found it very difficult to acquire a sight picture, particularly under stress.
For me, it seems I get quicker sight pictures with a scope mounted.
When I was a kid, most of the guns I shot with iron sights weren't peep sights. I can't think of their proper name, but like the rear sight on a Rem 700. I don't have any problem with these and even liked the AK sights.
Let me explain my purpose, and I'll get to the question soon...
I own a bunch of "bottom" land, and I love to snake hunt. 75% of the time, I can take my time, and make the shot, but sometimes I'm in more of a hurry, and get frustrated with the peep sight and the mental gymnastics of trying to figure out where I should aim to compensate for the sight height.
Here's what I'm looking to do. I have a 16" Colt 6731. As it is, I swap out my carry handle and a scope just about every outing, depending on what I find myself doing. I haven't really seen much change in zero, but I worry about it nonetheless. I intend to acquire or build a second AR with a 24" barrel and a mount a scope more or less permanently. I'll set up the 16" for close range applications; snake hunting and a back up role as a home defense gun. As I said, I like the hooded front sight, but am willing to concede it might not REALLY be the best for this application. Furthermore, I've only found two, the PRI sight and an front sight POST made by KNS ( which really looks like a target sight and not what I need at all) Also, in all of the pics I've seen of the PRI sight it looks as if the front part hangs off the barrel at an angle, not straight up and down.
Another option, less favored is to just get an AK for my snake hunting, and mount the scope permanently on the 6731. It'd sure cost less.
I guess I could try some sort of holographic sight, as a third option.
I'm looking for comments on hooded front sights and any other suggestions you guys have for my application.
Thanks in advance.
And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I've been bitten. The snake died.
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