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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/3/2005 2:19:10 PM EDT
what should ya do

a quick wipe off and reaply?

or break it down and do a through one?

i bought there cleaner/degreaser .....
is that good for all around cleaning?

or should i stay with hopes#9?
thanks in advance...........
Link Posted: 9/3/2005 10:25:20 PM EDT
Dont get too wrapped up in the application instructions.You will find as you use the Mil-comm it will work no matter how its applied,cleaned,degreased surfaces or not.
But if you want detailed instructions download the application instructions for the M9 and M16 from the Mil-comm website.
I actually did a few tests of cleaning with clp and then applying the Mil-comm.I also mixed some Mil-comm lubes with clp and Hoppe's #9.No issues that I saw,as in no gumming etc....only thing I noticed is the Mil-comm was watered down by the other products.Sure the performance of the Mil-comm was probably decreased considerably,but no compatibility issues I can see.
That said for the Mil-comm too stick and stay put as its supposed too you have to have a clean dry surface to start with.
Basically wiping the clp or whatever off well with a dry cloth is basically all you need.The Mil-comm will eventually displace the other lubes.
For cleaning light fouling and oils off the surfaces the MC-25 cleaner works really well.But being water base it cant be allowed to remain on the metal for any extended amounts of time due to corrosion concerns.Basically a wipe and dry type solution.So it suffers in that respect as it cant be used to soak nasty bores.The Mc-25 cleaner also evaporates too fast to penetrate the heavy fouling effectively.It does pull alot of fouling and oil off,so do not get me wrong,its just not the best solvent.The MC-25 cleaner also does nothing to remove copper or lead.
Here is my cleaning procedure.The barrel gets cleaned with Hoppe's No.9 and a bore brush,followed up with dry patches.I usually punch the bore with a patch of isopropyl alcohol or the MC-25 cleaner to remove solvent residues,dry patch again and apply the MC-2500 oil...then punch the bore with a dry patch to remove excess oil.
The action is basically cleaned by wiping the fouling away with a clean cloth.Its a fact the Mil-comm prevents fouling from attaching to the metal parts that is coated with it.So the fouling just wipes away.Thats all thats really needed.
Another little secret Ive found is the MC-2500 oil cleans almost as well as clp.So any hard fouling encountered in the action can be removed with a MC-2500 oil damp q-tip.
It takes me about 15 minutes to clean and lube a pistol...and thats a pretty darn clean pistol.
What I like about the Mil-comm is that once applied its there for months.Even weapons that are fired can remain well lubed and protected,so immediate PM is not needed.
Like I said before TW-25B is flat out overkill for small arms...and thats why I like it.
I run a level II application in all the high friction,bearing areas.Level 1 everywhere else unless its extremely damp,in that case I leave a bit heavier coat on all external parts.I use the MC-2500 oil on all the pins,fire control and hard to reach places.I also use it as a bore coat and as a daily wipe down on the exterior os my carry gun.
So basically just get the Mil-comm on there and let it work.Dont be suprised if you see alot of funk work out of the weapon after application.The Mil-comm tends to displace fouling and dirt from the metal,particularly once the weapon gets warm.After two or three applications you will be shocked how easy the weapon cleans up.
No I dont work for Mil-comm.Ive just been using the stuff for a few years and have seen first hand how well it works.
Link Posted: 9/4/2005 5:12:34 AM EDT
cool thanks for the reply bud
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